Simplified Natural

10-day Bootcamp Day Game Component

10-day Bootcamp Day Game Component


Bars and clubs is just one part of the equation. What about the other 15 hours in the day? Enter Day Game.

Imagine you see a beautiful woman walking down the street. You successfully stop her, and as she stands in front of you, she is intrigued by the confidence you carry yourself with. You start talking with her, letting things flow organically as your natural attraction shines through. Her curiosity builds. As you dive deeper into conversation with her, you learn about each other and the excitement and attraction builds. It reaches a high point and you setup a date to meet the following evening after she gets off work. She walks away beaming. That’s Day Game.

The Day Game segment of the 10-day Bootcamp develops your ability to approach and build attraction and connection with women in a daytime setting. Day Game takes some work to get a hang of, but once you get a grasp of it, it’s so worth it. Being able to stop a gorgeous woman in the daytime and then having the ability to spark real chemistry with her is life changing.

The Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) take on Day Game builds on all the foundations of being a naturally attractive man you’ll have learned earlier in the 10-day Bootcamp. The same core foundations of good conversational skills and strong subcommunications will be the pillars that form the backbone of attractive verbal and nonverbal communication in the daytime. With strong conversational skills and subcommunications as a basis, we’ve stripped away most of the unnecessary (the manipulative lines, routine, and gimmicks) and kept the most genuine parts.

The Day Game segment consists of seminar time and real-world practice. In seminar we will work with you to develop the naturally attractive elements that lead to success when meeting women in a daytime setting. Then there’s the real-world practice, where you go out with the instructors and practice what you’ve learned in broad daylight at coffee shops, malls, bookstores, and sunny streets. The combination of seminar and real-world practice ensures that you internalize the mindsets, beliefs and actions of a naturally attractive guy who knows what he wants and, more importantly, knows how to get it.

After each infield training you’ll get a debrief session with the instructors and fellow students. Here, we’ll tell you exactly where you need to improve so that each approach becomes easier and more effective than the last. With 10 full days, the extended time spent approaching gorgeous women and hanging out with instructors ensures you’ll be able to translate what you learn in seminar into the kind of success you’ve always wanted with the women you find attractive. In the end, it all comes together nicely.

To summarize, here’s a few things you’ll internalize during the experience:

● How to approach confidently, regardless of what she’s doing (shopping, walking, etc…).
● How to build normal, interesting conversation that is naturally free flowing, in a way specially tailored for a daytime setting.
● How to express intent and masculinity through your subcommunications.
● How to build flirtatious and fun conversation that she’ll remember you for.
● How to show warmth and passion in daytime interactions.
● How to set up dates and have her excited to see you again.

These are just a few of the things you’ll learn during the Day Game segment of the 10-day Bootcamp.

No matter what your apprehensions are now or what your past experience with women has been, the 10-day Bootcamp will place you onto a path of becoming a naturally confident and attractive guy. A guy who can approach any woman during the day and start a conversation with her in a way that is natural and confident, not mechanical or creepy. The end result is developing towards the kind of guy that is able to flirt, be cool, masculine and genuine while enjoying real success with the women you meet.

And the best part about Day Game? It’s a ton of fun.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!