Simplified Natural

10-day Bootcamp Night Game Component

10-day Bootcamp Night Game Component


Are you tired of how you feel whenever you’re in a bar or nightclub? It’s not easy to look around and realize that everyone seems to be having fun but you. Do you want to stop settling for women you’re not really attracted to? To start building real chemistry with the women you actually want? The 10-day Bootcamp makes all this a reality.

No matter where you stand with your dating skills and abilities with women, it is ensured we will take you to the next level on the 10-day Bootcamp. The Night Game component of the Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) curriculum consists of 4 days of classroom seminar and five official nights of infield training. On top of this, you get 4 nights of hanging out with the instructors to see how it’s done by the pros. During this time, you’ll learn how to build yourself into the naturally attractive guy that is just as comfortable in a bar as he would be a high-end nightclub. The full spectrum is covered and nothing is left out.

The Simplified Natural Night Game curriculum starts from the ground up. The entire first day is dedicated towards building strong conversational skills. This is built further upon on the second day in which the focus is turned fully towards subcommunications. From there, various other layers that make up a flirtatious interaction are built in. The end result is a level of game that is completely genuine and constructed around the idea of being naturally attractive. No strange lines or weird routines… the focus is on keeping you a cool, normal guy that knows how to flirt, be masculine, and have fun.

Venture and Sterling teach on a basis of personal experience. Experience that translates into real world examples, real life demonstrations, and detailed tailored feedback. With 10 full days, you have more time to ask questions, internalize the concepts of Simplified Natural, and practice what you’re learning out at actual bars and clubs.

During the infield, you’ll be pushed to approach beautiful women as the seminar training unfolds into reality. After each night of infield, you’ll get a personal debrief session with your coaches and fellow students. Here, we’ll work with you on what you need to improve, so that each night becomes easier and more effective than the last.

Curious about what you’ll learn from the Simplified Natural Night Game curriculum? Here’s just a few things you’ll internalize during the experience:

● How to build strong normal conversation that is naturally free-flowing.
● How to express intent and masculinity through your subcommunications.
● How to approach confidently and without a reliance on a script.
● How to build flirtatious and fun conversation without lines or gimmicks.
● How to build warmth and passion into conversation without routines or canned stories.
● How to build your inner game so you rediscover genuine confidence.
● How to sexualize an interaction without being sleazy.

These are just a few of the things you’ll learn during the Night Game segment of the Simplified Natural curriculum.

No matter what your apprehensions are now or what your past experience with women has been, the 10-day Bootcamp will give you the tools to become a naturally attractive, confident guy. A guy who can approach any woman in the room and start a conversation with her in a way that isn’t mechanical or creepy. A guy that can take a woman home the very night he meets her because she’s actually really into him, and not because she’s been manipulated into it.

And the best part about Night Game? It’s a ton of fun. The words “seminar” and “workshop” just don’t do it justice. During the program, you’ll be working with some of the top dating experts in the world – experts who genuinely enjoy watching men like you become naturals with gorgeous women. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. Sign up today!