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10-day Bootcamp reviews

10-day Bootcamp Review (Sydney, April 2013)

Ok I will start off saying i did an original boot camp a few years ago and i learned tons from it. But this boot camp was very different and i will explain why, it taught what I would call the 3rd evolution of how to be good with women. But the beauty of the evolution is that what came with it is not just a new way to look at attracting women but also how communication works and how this will help in become a naturally attractive man. They were giving us the tools to be able to build ourselves from the ground up.


The original model focuses on a very linear process (open, transition, attract, qualify, comfort, seduce) but this new evolution is a very dynamic model. It showed that you could that, within the thresholds of that particular interaction, you could at anytime banter with her or tell her a story about yourself or even go sexual.


Now I was only there for the first 4 days and the way that they worked (and having read self-help books about how people learn skills, it was a spot on way to learn. I don’t think there is a better way to learn and get a grasp of it all) was that they started from the bottom and only taught us one skillset a day. The first day was all about creating a natural conversation. No lines, it was just how to have a natural conversation and that is all we had to practice the first night in field too. Which for me went pretty well. I felt there was a fair few where the girls just were not interested in what i had to say, which i was never too fussed about, but there were a few others where i had hour long conversations.


The next day we focused on sub-comms, which personally i never really understood until the end of that day. Now this was all about how to sub-communicate a certain vibe. Now this touched into two different areas warmth and sexual. That night though I only attempted the warmth fundamentals as I wanted to get them down first as I knew this was all going to be pretty new stuff to me. It was an interesting venue, i had more success earlier in the night than later, mainly due to the type of crowd that the place drew. But I remember two sets in particular. The first venture pushed me into. I got her to stand up and started doing the fundamentals and it was interesting, it just worked. Even though it was something i had never done it still felt so natural. I could not believe it. Now the second set i was standing at a bar with one of the guys and these two german girls walked by so i opened one. Now i’m sure everyone reading this knows leaning over is bad when talking someone. Well i was standing against the bar and she was doing that to me. Afterwards my mind was just blown at once you get to that point how easy the conversation and everything goes.


The next day we talked about the verbal versions of the warmth and sexualisation. It was all pretty interesting stuff and they broke it down really well. I didn’t end up going out that night even though the rest of the guys did. Sadly my brain just crashed.


The final day was about text game and limiting beliefs. Which were all pretty helpful and the interesting thing was how they showed that text game was no different than normal game. There was no special rules. It all works the same.


The boot camp was beyond amazing and so much fun. I made so many friends and I hope to stay in contact with all of them. The information that i got out of this bootcamp will change my life but i think what will change my life even more is the friendships i have made from doing it.


To sum it all up, if you have the chance, I say do it. It will change your life. I do truly hope that lovesystems continues in the direction that sterling and venture have taken this bootcamp because it truly is a life changer.


Take care and I hope to hear more about game 4.0 soon



I took the ten-day program six weeks after a standard LS bootcamp (run by the excellent Cajun). In between the 3 day and the 10 day program, I went out on average three times a week and spoke to countless girls. On top of that, I probably ran day-game twice a week.


The end result: one brief make out with a drunk backpacker, and one date from a day-game approach, which fizzled as I stuck to the standard Magic Bullet script.


Fast forward to the last morning of the ten-day program, when I’m berating myself for messing up. Fuck, fuck, fuck – every time I think back over the previous night, I let out another internal bomb. Suddenly, I catch myself. Hold on a second, I tell myself – my problem is first, that within two minutes of meeting a girl, we were discussing how we could get out of here, and it became very clear that we were at a logistical dead end; and second, that, as I had a sexed-up South American in the bathroom, two giddy girls ruined what was shaping into great sex by pounding on the door.


Definitely problems I don’t mind having, especially as I now feel confident that I can get into those situations again.


I’ll cover the contents of the program and the difference between the standard LS stuff below. But first, answers to a few key questions.


It the ten-day worth it? Yes. That simple.


Is this program better than the standard LS fare? It puts it to shame. Forget standard bootcamps – if you can’t afford the ten-day course, try the ten-day’s four-day little brother. You’ll get enough of a foundation to get to where we end up after ten-days if you push yourself for a month or two after the program. (One of the other guys had taken a lot of RSD bootcamps. Hopefully, he can compare the styles in his review.)


Is this program perfect? No, but it’s already pretty damn good, and Venture, Sterling and Vici are humble enough to improve it as time goes on. (Hint, hint, take an hour to talk about dating.)




The program’s aims are lofty: to turn us into naturally attractive men. The odd thing is that they succeed, but not in the way I’d imagined.


First day is all about shedding game gimmicks and going back to good normal conversations. I spend the evening purposefully avoiding all the attraction, qualification and comfort routines I’ve learned. Slowly I find what I’d lost trying to stick the Magic Bullet script – I can chat to people for hours and make it enjoyable for all involved. The free-flowing nature of the conversation also allows girls the chance to show more of their personalities. They’re not being thrown out by a qualification routine. I like them more for it.


Second day is all about adding subcomms, meaning warm and sexual body language. In short acting like a man of intent. Cue eye contact, proximity, lingering touch, and on the sexual side, the sort of stuff a man does when he’s got a massive hard-on and needs his woman right away: passionate grabs, light bites, hand around the neck, etc… That night, I have three incredibly flirtatious conversations, and for the first time since I’ve read Magic Bullets, I feel that emotional tension between future lovers. Two of these interactions finish very well. It’s the best night I’ve had in ages. Subcomms are where it’s at.


Third and fourth days are about adding variety to the interaction: fun, sexuality, warmth. We’re moving back into standard gaming territory, but here again, the focus is for these things to come from a real place. It’s very different to talk about marrying a girl when you’re staring right into her eyes, your noses are brushing, and your fingers are curled around her wrist, than when your mind is racing down its routine and your body fidgets while your words catch up. By the end of the ten-days, I find fun, sexual, warm things that work for me, and they become my routines, but never do I plan ahead. Things come out when they come out. My third and fourth nights are good – I try the things I learned, I fail, and I try again, and slowly, I start to grasp the fluid boundaries of a flirtatious interaction.


The 5th day covers inner game in great depth. Vici does a great job teaching it. He clearly cares. This sort of stuff should be taught in high school. The sixth day is about same night lays: that is, how to expand the boundaries of an interaction as fast as possible. Venture and Sterling are thinking of pulling this out of the 10-day. Please leave it in. Not because we’re going to master it in such a short time, but because it shows us what is possible. The seventh day is about relationships. Sterling’s take is basically spot on – who doesn’t want an intense, passionate and emotional relationship? 8th and 9th days are all about day-game, or number farming, as they put it. Here the teaching is minimal, but there’s not much to say. Day game is only scary to those who haven’t done much of it. The tenth day is a full debrief.


The nights out from the 5th day onwards are all about consolidation. And bloody hell, they’re useful. I needed to tinker, to push myself and open fifty girls in an evening, to run after the most beautiful girl in the club, to make it very real very fast. Besides the inner game stuff, the main difference between the 4-day version and the 10-day version is this consolidation. It’s massively helpful, but for those who can’t afford the time or the money, you’ll get a lot out of 4 days too.


And the instructors? I might be a bit biased because I like them, so I’ll try to keep it factual. Seeing Venture chat up a sober blonde in a very quiet and well-lit bar on a Sunday night, right next to her friend, and having her all over him within 5 minutes was eye-opening. That helped me redefine my boundaries. In class, Venture’s great strength is the experience he brings in: stories galore illustrating all they have to say.


Sterling likes to break things down, and that speaks right to men looking for help. He runs a very interactive class, in which all end up participating. Infield, I learned a lot when I saw him open thirty girls in twenty minutes in a local meat-market. Fear of rejection, hey? Blah.


Vici is probably the person I spent most time with infield. His game is insane. I probably stole more from him than any of the others – his way of getting into state, his mantras, his standard opener, his desire to speak to the hottest girls in the club. He loves helping us, and that’s contagious.


Vybe’s knowledge of psychology makes for good insights. Many light-bulb moments: ah, that’s why that works! His game is huge. High energy, fun, warm. He loves to help students. Many times, he’d pop out of nowhere while I was with a girl, and drop a ton of value on me.


Prince’s has got more presence than anyone else I know. Game Runner’s just the sort of guy you want to have around. And John M Aus and Rogue made a couple of appearances, spiking the fun.


So how does the program turn us into naturally attractive men? Mainly by putting feeling back into game. Get us to act like people who feel, and we find the feeling back. And once we remember that feeling, actions follow suit and we start to act from within. That has to be the definition of a naturally attractive man: someone who draws sexual tension by acting from within.


Might sound a little esoteric, but it worked for all nine of us on the ten-day program. One warning, though: that stuff’s addictive!


10-day versus 3-day program, or Game 3.0 versus Magic Bullets


In my 3-day program, Cajun drew a giant circle. That’s all of game, he said. And he drew a small circle in the middle of the big circle. That’s your game, he said. Then he drew bubbles between the two boundaries. These bubbles are what we can teach you. How you navigate between these bubbles is up to you.


Routine-based, model-rooted teaching just teaches these bubbles. I should be qualifying her. Comfort, now. How about a top up of attraction – ok, here’s one of my standard stories.


Sterling, Venture, and Vici’s 10-day program is about how to navigate from one circle to the other. Yes, as time goes on, you’ll create your own bubbles, and you’ll marry three girls in one night, in the same way that all instructors tell the same stories again and again, but the difference is that you’ll feel when to say what, and when to do what. No scheming involved.


I’ll go further and advise people not to follow the Magic Bullet script. Focus too much on it, and you’ll turn into a mechanical player. Girls smell that stuff from miles away. He’s using lines, or he doesn’t feel genuine, or something’s not right here, and boom, you’ve lost it, and she’s gone to get a drink with her friends.


Sure, you can spend months and years internalising the love triad, until it becomes a part of you, and girls start believing in the front you’ve adopted. And eventually you’ll get enough reference experiences to know when to ditch the script and go with flow.


But why waste your time?


I ran zero comfort, zero qualification, and zero attraction on my sexed-up South American. Had I done so, she would not have followed me into the bathroom, full stop. Instead, I chatted lightly as I dominated her body in front of the whole club. Our subcomms were in sync. The rest was irrelevant.


I’d recommend the ten-day or its four-day little brother to anyone out there. Quite unlike the Magic Bullet stuff, I would have no problem telling tight social-circle friends to take up the course.


(Although, it would really need to be marketed differently. Why is it so misleading? Pick-up artists, learn every technique, immersion in Love Systems methodology?? Come on… It’s really a self-help course that focuses on liberating in men what women find attractive.)


Let’s hope Love Systems starts running a lot more of these!

    – Backrub


My insight of Game 3.0


Game 3.0 is a skill set that can be adapted to any environment or situation for any person. It’s adaptable, easy to learn and can be applied strait away not taking weeks or years to develop. I currently work in the Military part-time and Fulltime as a career Firefighter. I m used to being trained to a high level and standard, I have met a lot of people from different company’s that talk their programs up, this is the real deal. 3.0 is structured in such a way that it allows easy understanding and gives the student the ability implement the system immediately.


How does Game 3.0 stack up against previous programs I have taken


After just finishing a 5-day Boot camp that was teaching a very natural style, I decided to try the 10 day 3.0 system with Love systems. I was very impressed with the results I received over the 10 days. The guys were able to identify my sticking points within seconds and over the 10 days went through a process of course correction. They smashed me for simple stupid things that I should have know better, which was humbling because I thought I was at a much higher level than what I was currently at. The instructors are the real deal and pulled off some amazing demos with a high amount of speed and confidence. They have the ability to demonstrate mostly whatever you want to see, which I have never had, other instructors from other companies do, on any other boot camps I have taken.


Is Game 3.0 worth all the hype or is it just more fancy marketing?


I had no idea about the 3.0 system before the 10 day, coming from a normal love systems 3 day boot camp style of understanding. The price I thought was outrageous at the time of booking and was worried that I was getting ripped off, but paid the money anyway and decided to jump in the deep end. I look back now and I am very happy I took the boot camp, because at the end of the 10 days I can honestly say it was worth it. If your chasing fast results and a skill set that is based around theatrical and practical components the 10 day is what your chasing. The theory mixed in with demonstrations, Q and A sessions and infield training gives you an excellent program.


Is the 10-day worth it?


I would highly recommend if your chasing a system that is easy and quick to understand choose 3.0. It will give to the tools and understanding to go out and pimp it like a champ in any environment day or night. I dare you to rate this system against any other on the market today. Its value for money and I got good bang for my buck, literally with a very successful same night lay, due to the strong words and encouragement from the instructors.

    – knighty


I took a bootcamp in November in 2011. It was undoubtedly one of the biggest eye opening experiences of my life. I met Venture there, and he had some deep insights that he added to the seminar and I remember clearly wanting to learn more from him. I then went out for a solid 6 months learning game. I got some moderate results, but I kept running into roadblocks on the learning curve where the linear model that I had learned seemed to have too much structure for the interactions that I was being a part of.


A lot of the old game I ran just didn’t seem genuine to me. I got too an intermediate stage, but I think I lost a lot of opportunities where a girl would like me and I would try and rationalize where I was in the old model and it would throw the whole interaction off. I also probably didnt get as much success as I could have because I would wait for clear indications that I was in comfort or in qualification until I would really try to escalate things.


I eventually became pretty jaded by the whole process and stopped gaming all together. Every time I would go out there would be so much in my head that I couldnt bring myself to approach, so I thought that I needed to attend a new bootcamp to try and get back on the horse and so I booked the 10 day after reading all the reviews.


10 day


Wow. Game 3.0 was literally everything that I had half learned throughout my time gaming reverse engineered to find the actual foundations of being a naturally attractive guy. You could tell from the get go the immense amount of time that had gone into every facet of the program. Sterling teaches with so much confidence in his material that its infectious and Venture often interjects with insights into the deep psyche that should underlie all the principals.


Game 3.0 stopped making me feel like a sleazy dude who was out trying to manipulate exchanges to my advantage and turned me into a guy that has the tools to become naturally attractive to the females that I want in all aspects of my life, not just cold approach at night. It really stripped away all the negative thought processes that had been implemented from taking about girls as HB’s and thinking of myself as PUA and took me back to a guy that just generally loves going out to have fun and loves meeting awesome girls.


I have to take a moment here and say that Vici and his inner game seminar was fucking incredible, the fact that he admits the very same seminar he now teaches changed his life lends instant credibility to what he says. It was after having this seminar that myself and all the students saw the biggest increase in their gaming ability. The 3.0 curriculum and Inner game seminar create such a positive symbiotic relationship in your mental processes that you cannot help but love the process and love what you are learning.


With Sterling, Venture, Vybe and Vici we had differing mixes of either high or low energy game and really provided us with a abundance of different styles to mix and match from. Not only that, they were actually just a bunch of genuine humble guys who all recognize that they have been through the same process that we are attempting and that if they can do it, we can do it to. The feedback they gave at the start of each day was worth the price of the 10 day straight up.


I was very apprehensive of the price before taking this bootcamp but I can say that It is definitely worth it. I thought that there would have been more instructors present but in the end it really didn’t really matter. When you have a team that is that dedicated to the learning and betterment of their students it trickles down into the whole group and creates a fucking awesome environment to learn in.


I saw the biggest change in my game on night 8 when a whole bunch of theory suddenly crystallized and clicked. That one night represented probably 2-3 months worth of cold approach learning. Its that type of huge leaps in game that we saw occur across all the students of the 10 day and is an example of what you can expect from the 10 day.


Seeing what I had been taught (no lines, no weird routines) and then knowing how to take advantage of that because of Sterling and Ventures way of teaching is what really separates this program. The momentum that I have now is something that is congruent with who I am – to the point that my AA is something that is not overly worrisome to me anymore. I know that I will still get blown out, but I also know that as long as I persist I will get results because I am simply being myself – a man who is naturally attractive to women. That is what game 3.0 and this program will give you.


I would like to thank Venture, Sterling, Vici, Vybe, Prince and everyone who helped on the program for helping me and everyone else become better versions of who we were. Hearing quotes like ‘I want to help you guys not feel like I used to feel’ are fucking amazing to hear and really show how great the team are.


If you have read this far into the reviews and are thinking about booking a 10 day bootcamp, stop being a pussy and do it. You wont regret it.

    – Caesar23


Review time! Okay so a few things before I get to my review:


1) Yes i’ve created a new account to write this review. Why? Because my old account was a lurker account from 3 years ago, with my name in it. I joined the forums mainly to read, without it ever really being my intention to post. So no this isn’t some guy who got paid to randomly make a new account to write a positive glowing review. It could be. But you don’t know. And if you want success in this part of your life you’re going to have to take my word for it.


2) If you go into this experience without handing over complete control of your mind and body (they may have to physically nudge you into set if you don’t approach) then you will get little out of it. You have to go in with a clean slate and a sponge for a mind. You have to be willing to listen, apply, and practice.


3) Don’t go into this if you think you are going to come out after the 10 days banging 8s, 9s, and 10s. Some guys got good real quick. Some saw good lay results. Their 7s and 8s game became solid. For others, me included, its going to take longer. The foundations have been laid though..


4) The point is to highlight that ultimately the 10 days are to re wire your faulty circuits. Provide you with a blueprint to attracting the sort of women you want in your life. It wipes of months and months of practice. In some ways id say it even provides something months and months of practice and failure can never provide. Ultimately the real work comes post bootcamp. When the high of the bootcamp goes away, when the support of the instructors and your fellow bootcampees go away thats when you really go to work. And the curriculum taught by these guys makes that as easy as the process can be (no-one said this stuff would be easy to implement…you’d be foolish to think it was- if it was everyone would be the best version of themselves, everyone would be smashing the girls of their dreams) 


5) Don’t go into this if you aren’t comfortable with failure and with criticism. Coming from a background where i had a very perfectionist attitude…the idea of failure never sat well with me. The 10 days taught me how great a teacher failure was. I fucked up a shit load, and everyone morning you are critiqued in the debrief. A lot of what they tell you can be tough to hear.It’s tough because it attacks what you at your core have done most your life as a person!


So the to the review:
 What these guys teach is ‘Game 3.0′. I havent taken another LS bootcamp to compare but I can tell you what i experienced.


I always found the idea of using ‘canned material’ a bit whacked. Just because it wasnt me, not because I didnt believe it worked. I actually believe it works, and the instructors on the 10 dayer agree. What they point out is that the canned material just isnt you. It’s someone else’s story, so whilst you could learn a shit tonne of lines, and implement them, and while they may even score you babes. They arent going to keep those babes in your life. because when all the lines go away…whats left? The second issue i had with the lines was that you get so caught up in the lines and the linear model of appraoch, attract, qualify, comfort etc etc that it actually builds a lot of anxiety in and of itself. The anxiety of remembering what to say, what to follow it up with. Where in the model am i, blah blah blah can actually stop you approaching in the first place.


Enter game 3.0
 The basic premise of the iteration of game that these guys teach is based on the foundation of


1) Sound conversation skills (things about you and about your life told in a way that speaks to anyone)
2) Sound body language and ‘sub comms’ based on presenting yourself as a dominant male with a strong masculine presence. Being a real man in the interaction, and not being afraid to show your intentions so that she can be comfortable being the woman. A caveat- this stuff only really becomes solid after you address your inner game demons. Which is why the inner game and limiting beliefs seminars are sooooo fucking moneyy!! You simply CANNOT feel like a masculine man if there are voices in your head holding tearing you down. AND I PROMISE YOU, ANY LIMITING BELIEF YOU HAVE IN YOUR HEAD IS BOGUS. Why? Because these guys showed me examples of people they know in the same circumstances as me with the same limiting beliefs still crushing it. I guarantee they know someone who had the same limiting beliefs as you starting at a worse off place to where you are that are still just livin’ the dream day in day out. So no excuses. Dont feel bad for yourself. Self-pity gets you no where. 


From there they layer on all the small things. These small things are where they give you little lines and little tricks. Game 3.0 is not line free. Lines just arent the focus. The boys definitely give you a few…and with good reason, they’re decent little one liners. But ultimately most of the work put into getting a girl comes from 1) + 2) + solid inner confidence.


Sterling & Venture- These guys are the leads for a reason. They bounce off each other very well. Sterling leads most of the teaching. His ability to break down game is, as everyone else has said, amazing. You dont realise it when you are learning it, but once you look back at everything you’ve been doing in field, the fact that you are doing it so well is because he and or venture have been able to strip it back to the absolute basics, put it into words for us to understand and then mesh in the details. A very hard thing to do i imagine. Natural game reverse engineered in many ways. Venture’s contributions are a product of his serious ability to crush it in field. He has just had so many experiences (fuelled by some serious leverage when he started out with all this- il talk about this right at the end) to draw from. Almost every point he teaches is backed by a story to re hash the point. Some of them are pretty fuckin awesome. The english accent sells it. haha.


Looking back on what ive been taught, i know the material will continue to sink in for months to come. Its only a week in and i still feel like a lot of the theory (the details) is a bit of a cluster fuck. The way they’ve distilled the information is pretty cool. Think about it like a funnel. They give you the bare essentials, the stuff you just cant survive infield without straight away. Then as the days go on, they add the details…which probably wont sink in for another few months. Its neat. And its hard to appreciate at face value when they teach it cos your scribbling feverishly.


Vici and Vybe- these guys were junior instructors, and were around to really add value at night infield. Vici’s game is addictive to just sit and watch with some popcorn. Its theatrical, he’s up-beat, high energy. He also taught the inner game seminar. And if you cant recall from above, i said that this along with the organic conversation and sub comms was the foundation to solid game, 3.0 style- the real key to unlocking this stuff.


Vybe’s game is dope. Kind of a mash between chilled out, bubbly energy, lots of witty humor, a masculine presence (different to the other instructors i might note) Cumulatively, i probably spent the most time infield with him and learnt a stack from him. He also helped breakdown limiting beliefs for me. Height has been a thing for me, and he went through a phase of just dating taller chicks just cos they turned him on more. To these taller chicks he was still a ‘shorter dude’ but it didnt even cross his mind. Just goes to show how critical mindsets are in learning this stuff. He’s also the same ethnicity as me, suffice to say we are on the white chicks boat right now (unless they were bollywood smoke shows hahaha) so again all that shit about asian dudes not getting blondes, or whatever, just trash talk. dont believe it. cos some asian, indian, antarctican kid out there is doing it.


prince- an approach coach who was around for a similar reason to the junior instructors. Didnt spend much time with him infield at night, but did during day game and his tenacity to chase down girls he wanted was second to none, “that one, is cute ehhhh, go!” hahaha.


these guys are instructors for a reason. They have amaze game. enough said. Do they have the ability to impart their knowledge, break down their game and help you through yours, identify your problems and provide you a fix? Im on the yes fence, chances are they’ve seen someone like you with the same problems before.


My thoughts, much like so much of the bootcamp are a cluster fuck. I’ve thought about writing it in a more eloquent, organised way. But to be honest, seeing it from my mind’s eye, written in a stream of consciousness kind of way gives you more insight. [im sure other guys will cover the more technical details of the BC)


Before going on this bootcamp I always asked myself where the f**k these guys came up with this ridiculous price tag from for these bootcamps. 3000 for a wkd and 12k for 10 days?! The simple answer. And i promise you it is this simple…is that they can charge so much because at the end of the day, every person’s life is changed. but each to a different degree. how much value you place on a change in your life is what dictates whether the money you spent was worth it. So how do you make sure its worth it- you hand them the f**king keys so they can get to work on changing you. Venture talks a lot about ‘finding your leverage’, do you want to change this part of your life that bad? Whats your reason? Break up from hell after a long term relationship, just grew up one of those kids who wasnt that good, ma and pa never taught you much in this regard, years of negative reinforcement due to limiting beliefs? whatever the reason, if its bad enough then that is your leverage. If its strong enough, you will get good at this stuff, all you need is a blueprint, and game 3.0 is pretty decent blueprint for doing that. That along with all the mindblowing stories, examples and infield demos provide you the fuel to carry on progressing.


Cheers lads, you’ve changed the path of my life. You’ve showed me I can live the dream life, and have everything I wanted in life (so much more than just game), just gotta want it bad enough, find my leverage and make it my reality and smash at it, till it happens.



Okay, I guess I’ll be the one to say it. Put aside your copy of magic bullets. There’s something new out there. It’s faster, easier and more genuine… and it’s a whole lot of fun.


If you’re wondering about whether to take the 10 day bootcamp but you’re not sure whether you’ll get $12,000 worth of value, or if you’ve already taken a boot camp or two in the past and you’re frustrated by your lack of progress/results, then let me address this directly to you. YES. Yes, it delivers what it says it will. Yes, you will get results. Yes, you can become good with women when you apply and practice this stuff consistently. I’m not Don Juan yet… but give me some time and I truly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, I’ll be pulling hotties eventually.


If you’re like me at all, you’ve taken a bootcamp and you haven’t had the results that you wanted from it. I want to add here that is no reflection on the instructors I had, they were both good at what they do and good at teaching it. But I found it hard to do the things they said to do.


I’ve never quite been comfortable memorising openers and routines and repeating them to a pretty girl. Yeah I got some successes, but really it felt kind of weird sometimes.


And thats the underlying strength of the 10 day curriculum. It’s REAL. The real YOU. Venture and Sterling teach you how to be yourself around women… and what I mean by that is, how to express your masculine self, freely and without inhibition. And surprise, surprise… chicks dig that shit!


There’s no hiding behind clever routines that some other guy wrote, or telling a story about your model ex-girlfriend picking you up in a supercar to make it seem like you’re an awesome guy. You’re not waiting for the girl to get attracted to you before you start telling her you like her. It’s just you, balls out, saying “Hi. You look stunning tonight. I’m gonna hit on you now “, or whatever else you think of at the time. And that’s the point of my rant here, it’s all about what YOU think of. In the moment. No routines, lines or whatever. You’ll get some good lines from the instructors to give you an idea, but once you give in to your masculine side, get some practice in and let go of your fears, your conversation will come out naturally sexy, cocky and funny.


A couple of times during the bootcamp I kinda felt like my ‘inner caveman’ was taking over the interaction and leading my conversation. I think the most profound revelation I had was that while I was watching the instructors demonstrating how to be a passionate man, and go up to a hot girl and hit on her blatantly, on an instinctual level I think I already know how to do that, but I’ve always been too scared or anxious to do it. Like, it’s NATURALLY built in to us as MEN to want to go up to girls and try to fuck them, but our bullshit gets in the way and stops us from doing it. The 10 day will unlock this for you, my friends (Maybe they should call this course “How to rock out with your cock out” instead?) ;D


My friends have already gone over whats in the course, so I’ll skip that. I have to add that they were an awesome bunch to hang out and go hit on girls with. It’s just cool to roll with a bunch of peeps who are all either gonna try hard to get laid or try hard to help you get laid


We had instructors galore working with us, giving insightful feedback. We had a large group so we needed that, but they handled everything easily. Any question or concern was catered for.


I’m SUPREMELY confident in the tools that this course gives you to be able to attract women. As I said before, I’m not there yet, and I do have a lot of work to do. But I’ve noticed my interactions with women have changed, and I have a better ability to… well, get them horny haha, when I think about last weekend. I wish they did a session on how to game two sisters… I think I might’ve been a very happy but tired man last saturday, in all honesty. I messed that one up, but you can only mess things up so many times before you find the right approach. Guess I have to work that out myself.


I’m optimistic about the future and I’m in a hurry to get my practice sets done so I can bang lots of girls. All in good time


Massive shout outs to Venture, Sterling, Vici, Vybe, Prince, Gamerunner, Rogue and John M Aus. Life changing stuff there guys, thank you so much. Best wishes to you all.


RESPECT to my fellow wingmen… can’t wait till we meet up again to tear it up. Gold Coast sound good?



Women, relationships, Game. It was all so confusing before. It’s all much clearer to me now.


A little about me. I recently turned 30, and I made improving my game my top priority for this year. I did a three day bootcamp in Sydney in February. The bootcamp killed my approach anxiety and I got a great wingman out of it. It improved my game, but I felt like not enough. For a month after I went out a lot and I didn’t have much success.


I wanted to improve, and fast. I really didn’t know anything about game 3.0. But I knew that I needed to do something as I could not continue to live a life without women. I felt like time was closing in on me, so I decided to do the ten day bootcamp. It was a lot of money, money that I had to get on credit.


About the 10 day: The bootcamp is very well structured. Each day has a seminar on a different aspect of game. Each night you go out and practice that particular aspect. By breaking it down into these chunks, it is much less overwhelming than the three day bootcamp.


The first day focuses solely on how to have a good conversation. Openers are very simple, for instance “I don’t think I’ve met you yet” was a popular one. When I compare this to the three day bootcamp: On my first day I was overloaded with information and I was trying to start conversations with ridiculous openers. I felt like a complete tool asking women what they thought about mustaches! I was so nervous that it ruined my night. In comparison, to open with something simple and true, and to progress to having a natural conversation, was much less daunting.


Each new day brought a new seminar. Learning game is much easier, when you focus on building a good foundation. Each seminar was a building block to this foundation. For example we focused on conversation skills, our sub communications and body language etc. As the days progressed the seminars gradually got more advanced. I can tell you the seminar on same night lays is an interesting one! The infield for that seminar was a revelation. I brought one of the instructors into a set to wing for me. Within two minutes of entering the four set, he was leading one of them off to find someplace to f*ck. Mind blowing.


The seminar on relationship management was an eye opener. I can look back on my last relationship now and see where it failed. I did not make her feel comfortable and protected at all times. I also did not lead her emotionally. A woman wants to feel that she is in the presence of a man, a strong man that will lead and protect her, and she did not feel that way with me. I know that my next relationship will be a stronger one.


From seminar to seminar we slowly increased our skills. These skills are based on natural game. Lines, routines and gimmicks were not used. I was grateful; these types of things never gelled with me. We learned that we really didn’t need them. We also learned that natural game does not follow a linear model. In general, human interactions do not follow a linear model. The emotional progression model as laid out in magic bullets creates as many problems as it solves. Unburdened by this confusing methodology, we were taught natural, normal skills. Now we can take these basic skills and sharpen them on our own in the coming months.


About the instructors. Sterling ran a lot of the seminars, with the other instructors offering their opinions and stories from time to time. Sterling has a wonderful ability to explain things. He teaches using the power of story. Every statement or claim, is either backed up and made clear by a vivid story, or else it is broken down and analysed in a way that is very logical and easy to understand. Sterling has an ability to teach far beyond any of my university lecturers.


Venture has a direct and honest style. This man does not f*uck around. I learned a hell of a lot from him. Both venture and sterling, were brutally honest about themselves and their lives. The honesty of their stories was a revelation. Rarely in my life have people been so open and direct with me, and I barely knew these guys. I found their individual feedback very useful. Feedback which tells you specifically and honestly what you are doing wrong is invaluable.


The approach coaches were Vybe, Prince and Vici. These were the guys who came into the trenches with us and even pushed us into a few sets when we were hesitating. All three were top blokes, had wonderful skills and I learned a lot from them all. Prince was an awesome wingman, and an all round great guy. Vybe had such a positive and playful energy to him and was so good with women. On one of the nights he had an amusing encounter, where he had some fun with a young lady in a bush…


My only criticism of the 10 day bootcamp, is that it seemed to peter out and lose some of its momentum in the final days. The instructors were intentionally more hands off at this point, letting us learn to fly more by ourselves. I would have preferred for the intensity of the first few days to be maintained for the full ten days. But that is personal preference.


In the past I had thought that most women simply did not find me attractive. But I didn’t know why. Now I know why. I failed to convey my passionate side. My subcoms betrayed my emotions, I did not lead. I waited far too long to touch. I did not live a life of passion and masculinity. Now I know what women want in a man. This course did not teach me that but rather helped me to bring the pieces of the puzzle together.


This course is not about singularly learning game and gimmicks with which to pick up women. It is more about how to become an attractive man, how to live a life with passion and masculinity. How to give you the building blocks to go out and transform yourself.


Will it turn you into a player overnight? No. Far from it. But it will definitely speed up your journey. And is it worth the $12,000?


If you look at it in the short term, perhaps not. However I see it as a lifetime investment. I’m confident that I will have more relationships and be able to manage those relationships better. I’m more confident about the future than ever before. And that, to me…. is absolutely priceless.

      lucky irish


To start with, a couple of disclaimers:


Firstly, I did not attend the full ten-day Bootcamp. I was offered a place on the first four days, and of those I skipped the third (for reasons explained below) so that’s all I can review.


Secondly, at 45 I was older than all of the others attending the Bootcamp (including instructors) by at least a decade – bear that in mind as you read!


So, to review. Unlike the reviewers above, I did not find the Bootcamp an unqualified success. There were aspects of it that I found extremely good; and other aspects that I found frustrating and (for me, at any rate) pointless. On balance I’m glad I went, and I learnt a lot; but I wouldn’t automatically recommend it to everyone looking to improve their dating skills.


So what were the pros?


Well, first of all, the instructors themselves. They are remarkable guys, each and every one. None of them has filmstar good looks – if you saw them in the street, you wouldn’t have picked any of them as a ‘babe magnet’, they look like ordinary blokes. But they have all obviously worked hard on their fitness and physiques; and up close and personal, they are articulate, confident and remarkably socially observant. More importantly, as we got to know their stories over the first few days, it became apparent that they were not always like this: they had each consciously and painstakingly trained themselves from ordinary, sometimes-awkward, often insecure blokes up to the ‘alpha males’ they now came across as. And here they were, telling us that we could do likewise.


And boy, did they put their money where their mouths were – these guys were incredibly hardworking. They gave us talks and workshops, accompanied us on fieldwork (for which they were they first to arrive and the last to leave), gave us demonstrations of the principles they were teaching us, observed us (even when we thought they weren’t!) and gave solid, constructive feedback. They’ve clearly put a lot of thought and a lot of testing into the program, and the output was impressive.


Secondly, the whole ethos behind ‘Game 3.0′. I came to this Bootcamp rather skeptical of the whole ‘PUA scene’, with its routines, progression models and jargon. What became very clear from the outset was that this was a radical revision of the whole approach to dating: a much more natural approach, with the emphasis on making yourself into an interesting and attractive person, and then learning how to communicate that to a woman so that she might find you interesting and attractive. There were almost audible sighs of relief and delight from us ‘students’ when Venture introduced this underlying philosophy on the first day.


Thirdly, the structure of the Bootcamp. Mornings off to recover (from the excesses of the night before?). Afternoons start with a feedback session from the previous evening – unhurried, personal feedback between the instructors and each individual ‘student’. Many of us probably learned more from this than from any other part of the camp. Then, workshops – tutorial-style teaching on conversation skills, body language, approach anxiety, lifestyle choices etc. And in the evening, fieldwork – going out on the town and trying out in practice what you talked about that afternoon. A perfect learning model, and a stark contrast to very ad-hoc structure of the one other ‘dating workshop’ I had experienced in the past.


The cons, on the other hand, were specific to me – other people (including most of the ‘students’ at the Bootcamp) may have felt they were actually pros. They are perhaps best illustrated by the first night’s fieldwork. After a superb afternoon learning about and practising (with each other) conversation skills, we were taken into the field to put into practice what we had learned. The chosen venue was the Ivy, a popular Sydney nightclub that I’d heard about but never visited; it’s a pretty spectacular place, and (like any nightclub) incredibly loud, dark, and crowded almost entirely with people under the age of 25. The format was that an instructor would point us in the direction of a girl or group of girls and tell us to go and talk to them. And that, I found well-nigh impossible. Not, I hasten to add, because of approach anxiety – I’m not immune to it, but I talk to strangers every day in my line of work, so I don’t find it too hard to overcome; rather, I found it incredibly hard work to hold a conversation simply because in the nightclub environment I could seldom hear what anyone was saying. When every second response is ‘Pardon?’, the conversation quickly gets tiring for both parties. And while I was OK with striking up a social conversation, when it came to sparking attraction – hmm, well. Firstly, while there were some very pretty girls there, there were none I felt attraction for (nightclub girls are definitely ‘not my type’). And secondly, while I’ve nothing against an age gap in relationships (one of my very few previous relationships was with a girl 16 years my junior), there’s something a bit creepy about a 45-year-old chatting up a 22-year-old in a nightclub, and that was a ‘limiting belief’ I struggled to overcome. What’s more, it soon became apparent that at least some of the regular patrons were quite aware that the nightclub was a ‘training ground for pick-up artists’, somewhat raising the bar on the creep factor.


The end result was that in a couple of hours, an initially pleasant and unusual evening had turned into a nightmare. I was tired, my ears were ringing, my head was pounding, and to my shame I tried to sneak out. And, to add embarrassment to shame, one of the instructors (Prince) spotted me sneaking out, chased after me, and (very patiently) asked me to come back and give it another go. His gentle thoughtfulness was persuasive, and I did2) Sound body language and ‘sub comms’ based on presenting yourself as a dominant male with a strong masculine presence. Being a real man in the interaction, and not being afraid to show your intentions so that she can be comfortable being the woman. A caveat- this stuff only really becomes solid after you address your inner game demons. Which is why the inner game and limiting beliefs seminars are sooooo fucking moneyy!! You simply CANNOT feel like a masculine man if there are voices in your head holding tearing you down. AND I PROMISE YOU, ANY LIMITING BELIEF YOU HAVE IN YOUR HEAD IS BOGUS. Why? Because these guys showed me examples of people they know in the same circumstances as me with the same limiting beliefs still crushing it. I guarantee they know someone who had the same limiting beliefs as you starting at a worse off place to where you are that are still just livin’ the dream day in day out. So no excuses. Dont feel bad for yourself. Self-pity gets you no where. ; but I was relieved when, after two more ‘approaches’, he congratulated me and sent me on my way.


The next day, Venture explained to me why they chose a nightclub for the fieldwork. In his words, “it’s a meat market” – there are lots of young single women around, and hence lots of opportunities to approach and succeed or fail. I can see the logic of that argument; but trying to learn ‘organic conversation’ in a nightclub struck me as being bit like trying to learn to swim with lead weights around your limbs. Venture assured me that, while I might not be planning to pick up teenagers in nightclubs, the skills I learned there would be transferrable to any other social setting; but for a 45-year-old from a small country town, it was hard to see the relevance.


So, I guess the cons (for me) were these:


Firstly, the course seems principally tailored for a much younger crowd – guys in their 20s or 30s, perhaps. While many of the other students hated the nightclub environment as much as I did, at the very least they were talking to girls of a similar age, whom they might potentially have found attractive.


Secondly, despite the change in values outlined in ‘Game 3.0′, the Bootcamp came across as an exercise in pick-up, rather than in dating and relationships. In fairness, I gather that a later part of the course was given over to relationships; but I was interested to see that, of the instructors that I asked (and I didn’t ask all of them), none of them were in long-term relationships themselves, nor wished to be at this stage in their lives. I understand that all long-term relationships start off as short-term relationships, and once again the skills are transferrable; but I did find the respect given to ‘same-night lays’ and sheer number of relationships a little off-putting. Clearly, for those who want lots of short-term relationships and one-night stands, this will be a pro. I’ve nothing against that – I’m just not one of them.


So, would I recommend the Bootcamp? Well, depends on who you are and what you’re looking for. If you’re young, and/or looking for the social skills to meet and attract a wide variety of women, then unquestioningly yes – bite the bullet, crank up your credit card and take a Bootcamp. I have little doubt that the knowledge and practical experience you will acquire will change you and give you what you are looking for. On the other hand if, like me, you’re a bit older and perhaps looking for a more serious relationship, then I’m not so sure. Maybe if I’d gone to the full ten-day course, I might have found something more relevant to my needs; and I have to say, I would dearly love to see these guys run a Bootcamp catering to that kind of market, because they are damn good at what they do.


Do I regret going? Well, on the second night of fieldwork we were told we were going back to the Ivy. My initial dismay was soon allayed when I discovered that there’s a whole ‘nother section to the Ivy – a roof-top ‘pool’, less noisy, better lit, and with a slightly more mature crowd (why hadn’t anyone told me about this?!). And after a few hours of a much more tolerable evening, I met up with a delightful and beautiful young lady who hated nightclubs almost as much as I did (she was there as part of a hen night), and we got on like the proverbial house on fire – without, I have to say, consciously using anything of what I’d been taught in the previous two days. We got on so well that (seeing as I was from out of town and had to fly back two days later) I decided to play truant the next day and spent the afternoon and a good part of the evening in her company. And for that I’ll be eternally grateful to the Sydney Bootcamp – whether or not I enjoyed their methods, I certainly enjoyed the results.

      Count Jim

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