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10-day Bootcamp reviews

I had read a lot of seduction community material before. When I first stumbled upon Game 3.0 on the internet, I thought it is just a rebranding of the same old stuff. I was very skeptical regarding if there is anything novel about it, because my previous readings suggested that mystery method (and the similar methods) are the only effective way to approach women. But I had no problem with that method anyway so I decided to take the bootcamp.


Then I was surprised to find Game 3.0 radically different from the other methods. It is not composed of consecutive phases like the old one. You don’t first open, then transition, attract, qualify, comfort and seduce. Rather it is a dynamic naturally-flowing interaction oscillating between normal, fun, warm, and sexual conversation. Meanwhile, your masculinity – conveyed through your sub-communication – is taking care of attraction and sexual tension.


I had read some reviews like that before the bootcamp and was wondering how could a guy possibly attract a girl using just normal conversation, isn’t that what every regular guy would do?


The answer came to me when I first asked to see some demos by the instructors. It was the most eye-opening moment to me. I saw sets being kiss-closed in 20 seconds! Obviously you can’t get that if you start with an indirect opener and go through a list of long steps and tricks to perform. It is clear to me now than nonverbal communication can do much more than what words cannot do.


The other good thing about game 3.0 that I really appreciate myself, is how it focuses on building your social skills. In the first infield workshop, we were told to approach girls and just strike conversations with them and see how long we can maintain those conversations. I find this so helpful for me because I have very limited conversation skills. In fact I was told that when I go out gaming after the bootcamp, I should do the same thing first; I must spend a period of time working on my conversation skills alone without adding any of the other skills taught in the bootcamp. Then after I reach a decent level, I can add other layers to that, one at a time. Of course this is not the case for everybody, because everyone is at a different level, but it clearly shows how focused game 3.0 is on developing you naturally. From where I stand right now, I can see myself in the future when I reach a point that I feel satisfied with the progress I achieved and feel confident and proud of myself to have achieved it, I know that at that point, I will feel that it’s me who did that, not a robot who delivered some lines he was taught by others. I will have confidence in my abilities rather than those lines. When I talk to a girl in a situation that I’m not used to, I wouldn’t panic because I would know I am the one who attracted the other girls before.


If I have any criticism though, it would be to the way Love Systems in general promotes its products. It gives the impression that a bootcamp is a magic pill that will suddenly take you to paradise. This is not reality. In reality there is a learning curve for each skill. This curve can take short or long depending on what your sticking point is. Some guys are already at a decent level, so all they need is just some hints to fix a small mistake they are doing, and others need to build a skill from scratch and that would take some time.


Last but not least, I have to say that the bootcamp actually felt like a 1-on-1. Even better! You get all your questions answered, and you get a lot of 1-on-1 attention from a number of instructors. You learn from the different styles of the instructors and from trials and errors of other students. This is greatly manifested in the feedback we got at the start of everyday. I would say that this feedback is what you actually want to pay for. This is the jewel in the crown of the bootcamp. It’s priceless! And I can assure everyone that those guys are really good at what they do. When they give you an advice, it is really tailored for you, not a generic one.

      Danny Sling


ok so I have not attended any boot camps prior to Venture and Sterling’s 10 Day Boot camp.


In fact, I had not heard of love systems until 3 to 4 weeks prior to attending.


I decided to give this a try as I have been dismal with this area of my life for quite a long time, and required some much needed guidance. I mean lets face it if you want a qualification in any field of business you need to study and attend seminars and courses run by the very best in the field teaching the latest most advanced material in that particular field to have the best opportunity to achieve the best results. So by attending this boot camp I felt that, given my poor results over such a long time leading up to this, I figured, to attend this Boot Camp was a relatively small price to pay for the chance to completely transform my life. I was ready to go all in. the last hurrah. the mind set I had was if this wasn’t going to work then nothing will.


Game 3.0


I was sceptical going into this. but desperate for change at the same time. so I enabled my self to soak up as much as I can going in as a clean slate to learn from a position of purity. I attended the full ten days minus two day seminars at the beginning due to work constraints however the Instructors made sure to give me the extra attention required to ensure I learnt all the crucial knowledge I missed. I wont go into detail regarding what the core of GAME 3.0 is, as I believe the reviews above mine are on the money and do a fantastic job in explaining the finer ingredients of the boot camp. What I will say though is, Game 3.0 is the most natural transformation you will ever experience regarding not only the ability to pick up girls (as this is only scratching the surface of the immense power Game 3.0 unleashes within you), but also the confidence and competence to reach for, and achieve much greater goals in all interactions and facets of your life. I have no regrets taking this Boot Camp what so ever, in fact I would happily take it again. the rush of inner belief Game 3.0 unleashes within you is so great and so powerful that you will forever mark this boot camp as the turning point in your journey to success. I certainly have. Its that good. And this coming from a guy that was very sceptical going in. Game 3.0 breaks any shackles that may bind you its just too awesome. I am a new man today. I am the lion that stands tall, proud and courageous of who I am. upon arriving back to work after the boot camp all those including my boss around me immediately noticed a huge difference in me( they do not know I have attended this boot camp) and all of a sudden doors have been opening immediately everywhere I go! its uncanny I just cant explain it, I’m addicted to this feeling of masculine confidence that is brewing inside my chest I have women giving me “the come hither smile” in my local super market which prior to the boot camp never happened! I have women opening conversation with me even when I’m not actively trying to pick them up!, I attribute this to the alpha confidence and masculine energy that Game 3.0 has unleashed from within me and the best part of it is my ability to naturally open and hold conversation with women and my ability to pull women into my life has improved so markedly that approaching girls and accepting the challenge to pick them up has become addictive! I feel like a damn super hero with super human powers! ahaha! I have had more success with women in the past few weeks than I have had in the past few years leading up to the boot camp!. I can not thank the Instructors enough for changing my life so much. this boot camp is NOT about learning lines and routines. this boot camp is about turning you into a REAL natural.


The Instructors


 Such a cool and talented individual, easy to understand and always willing to provide excellent feed back. Constantly eyeing you to polish up any areas you may need improvement on, very approachable and his ability to pick up girls with ease was evident on many occasions. During Infield nights whenever I would eject from a set and turn around to walk away I would find Vybe standing ready to provide immediate feedback on what I did right, what I needed to improve on and how to correct it for the next set, Vybe genuinely shows interest in any areas you feel you need work on and actively supports you and encourages you to widen your scope and keep pushing your limits.




Vici’s game is very high energy, he has a lot of passion for life and his playful nature in set is just awesome to watch, I found myself taking mental notes while watching him in set which I would later write down into my note book. Vici has truly mastered his inner game and has taught me to do the same, I am immensely thankful for the eye opening seminars he provided he was always ready to provide me feed back. Vici taught me how to improve my state and how to keep my inner game positive. You will learn a lot from Vici. all round genuine bloke, just like Vybe.




Sterling has the ability to take a boring story and turn it into a story that draws you in and keeps you engaged, his ability to teach is second to none. I found his classes to be very enjoyable and full of insights that just clicked with me. Sterling in field is awesome. this guy knows what he’s doing. Open, hold, sexualise and close a set? piece of cake for Sterling. Sterling is quite advanced in Game and has the ability to capture his audience and control the exchange between him and a girl in set clinically. I observed Sterling many times in set and found him to be a book of knowledge worth reading the girls love this guy! many light bulb moments while watching him in set, Sterling I thank you immensely for the transformation you have caused within me Your worth your weight in gold.




Where to begin. Venture. This man is where I drew my inspiration from. as far as I’m concerned this man is a genius. I knew from the very start that Venture was genuine. He is someone that has lived a hard life growing up and although he has been kicked down many times he has managed to get back up and improve himself on every occasion to the point that the word GAME 3.0 and VENTURE could mean one and the same .That earns my respect right there.. Venture lives and breathes Game 3.0. listening and learning from Venture improved my game profoundly I am forever in debt to what he has taught me. Venture is very passionate about the Boot camp and believes in Game 3.0 immensely to the point that I would be inset with Venture and 2 girls literally being coached in set while I worked on the girls Live! and venture doesn’t hold back either he tells you exactly what you need to fix and expects you to fix it too! like for instance I would be in set talking to a girl and Venture would be in my ear telling me stand up straight! no! your doing it wrong! its like this! tell her this! ok now do this! and if I fucked up a set he would pull me aside coach me and send me straight back in there lol. awesome teacher!
very humble and down to earth, always ready to build you up, I spent a lot of time with Venture and learnt the majority of my game through him, watching Venture in set was amazing. I have not seen anyone even prior to the boot camp have the ability to just literally pick a girl in any club and have her all over him within minutes! how can anyone do that! so quickly! every time! WTF MAN! dude this guy has some fucking serious game! one time I got blown out in a set and Venture watched the whole thing came over to me and said: right, im going to do a demo don’t wing me just watch how I do it, no bullshit and no word of a lie he walked into a 3 set with two girls and a guy and within, lets see at the very most 2 minutes after performing Game 3.0 on one of the girls she was all over him like a fat kid on cake! her friends stood there mouths wide open jaws on the floor in disbelief!
as was I lol. i had to clear my eyes and do a double take trying to make sense of how fast it all happened! Definitely someone to watch and learn from. Venture if your reading this, Mate , i truly thank you for re building me and showing me anything’s possible, I wish you and the boys much success in life you are all a true asset to love systems.

All in all i was very impressed with the 10 day boot camp i made some fantastic friends and met some incredible people. i spoke to tonnes of women and achieved a whole lot of results that were truly remarkable


I am eagerly awaiting the next one!

      Amon Ra




I took four 3-day bootcamps prior to taking this 10-day one. On my very first one, almost five years ago now, they had us running around using indirect openers and trying to remember routines. It was the most stressful thing I’ve ever done, and trying to play some character only made it harder. Using this constraining system, the overwhelming anxiety of it all caused me to quickly stop approaching once I returned home. My solution was to take another bootcamp, then another, then another, but sadly, I had worked myself into such a state that I was unable to do a single approach on any of the next three bootcamps. Despite every effort by the coaches, there was nothing anyone could say or do to get me to walk over and talk to a stranger.


I gave up on cold approach forever, or so I thought, and spent the next three years focusing on online dating, dance classes, and my social circle in order to meet women. And I did meet many women. But my success was forever inconsistent, and new opportunities became less and less as the days went on. My city is not very big, and my friends all gradually started to settle down.


I slowly came to realize a hard truth. The only way I was ever going to get the skills to consistently attract women was with a significant amount of practice. I needed to repeatedly push boundaries and rack up countless failures in order to really learn. And for that, I needed a large supply of women to fail with, women I wouldn’t have to see again at every social gathering or in class every week. In other words, I needed cold approach.


I felt I had made a lot of gains in general social skills and self-esteem in the years since my last bootcamp. I still found myself still unable to approach in my regular life, but I was fairly confident that if I took just one more bootcamp, and maybe also a daytime workshop, that I could really do it right this time and get myself back in action.


Browsing the Love Systems schedule, I came across a link to the 10-day bootcamp. I was immediately interested. I carefully read through the marketing. It was everything I wanted: an extended bootcamp, a full daytime workshop, and several other useful seminars. The new curriculum (with the unfortunate name ‘Game 3.0′) was enticing too, it claimed to put an end to indirect openers and routines, and promised to unlock my own naturally attractive personality. I was skeptical, having been burned by sparkly marketing claims before, but nonetheless I signed up and booked my (very long) flight from Canada to Australia.


The Bootcamp


I didn’t give much weight to the first day of seminar. Being a jaded bootcamp veteran at this point, I knew it didn’t matter how glorious or revolutionary things seemed in the safety of the seminar room. The real test, and the real learning, happens out at night. However, that being said, I immediately noticed a big difference between Game 3.0 and the old way. After approaching and opening (which was refreshingly geared almost completely toward the “direct” style), we were told to just introduce ourselves and have a normal conversation. Ask boring questions, don’t think about what to say next, just talk. Shockingly simple. Could it really be that easy?


When I got to the club the first night, I avoided the instructors and the other students. I was determined to do my first approach on my own, it was what I had flown all the way to another continent to do. I won’t lie, I almost failed all over again. I wandered around for over two hours, sometimes taking a single step toward a girl, sometimes opening my mouth when a girl walked by, but never following through. The wall between me and action seemed insurmountable. My spirit broke and rallied several times, but I refused to give up.


Finally an easy opportunity presented itself. I walked right past Vici talking to two girls. He was really focused on the one, and her friend was looking around, bored. That bored friend could potentially ruin his interaction at any moment, so I did what I needed to do. I stopped, made eye contact, and opened my mouth: “Hey… you’re really cute. I’m Jesse.”


I held out my hand. She smiled, shook it, and introduced herself in return. We started talking, and despite not having said a word to anyone since the seminar over four hours earlier, and feeling about as low as I could, I suddenly became Mr. Cool. We talked for a good ten minutes. I made her laugh and touched her a lot. She started touching me back and leaning against me. Her and her friends were going to a different place, and she said I should come with them. But she was married, so I let her go.


As we were told earlier in the day, all it takes is one good interaction to get you in state, and it was true. I had finally broken through my wall, and I was filled with social energy. By the time the sun came up, I had made out with one girl on the dance floor, and was making sweet love to another in my hotel room.


Over the next three days of seminar, the remaining layers of Game 3.0 were revealed. We learned about body language, how to touch, how to make the conversation fun, how to sexualize the interaction, and how to add warmth and comfort. Everything was simple and honest. And to my smug satisfaction, I discovered that with my latest lover, I had either consciously or unconsciously done exactly all of it and nothing else. To me, that was the best proof that they’ve unraveled and captured the natural seduction process as elegantly as ever before.


Of course, if you think you will master it all in only ten days, you are dreaming. I pulled it off beautifully on the first night, but it was partly a fluke, things just clicked with the right girl. I certainly was unable to recreate the process at will every time thereafter. For the remainder of the bootcamp, there were no kisses and no love-making (except for meeting up with the same lovely girl a few days later). I did get pretty far a few more times, but either a mistake on my part or a logistical roadblock always ruined it at some moment. It was always extremely disheartening at the time, but I learned something important in every instance, which is what it’s all about.


Since back home there is no one to push me, it was critical to me that I be able to approach on my own. So that was what I focused on for the majority of the bootcamp. I spent a lot of time wandering around by myself, fighting my approach demons. I did win the battle every night, sometimes barely squeaking out a few weak compliments, and other times bouncing from group to group with confidence and swagger. I definitely proved to myself that I can do it. Over the whole bootcamp, I approached dozens of times. I had a ton of awkward conversations, and was politely tolerated by many average-looking girls. But I also had many crazy fun interactions with cool people, and walked straight up to the hottest girls I’ve ever met and had them instantly attracted to me (capitalizing on that is another story though).


Ultimately, in all my interactions, both long and short, I did improve a little bit each night. I now open pretty well, have decent body language, touch competently, and can make the conversation fun on occasion. However, I still quickly run out of things to say quite often if the girl doesn’t give me anything to work with, and I have barely played around with adding sexualization and warmth. It’s still too much extra to think about. But that’s just me. Some guys started farther ahead and are now really working their magic, and a couple started even farther back than me and still have some trouble with the lower layers. But we all improved from where we started, and that’s the only thing that matters.


If I could go back and do it all over again, I would spend more time with the instructors. I missed out on a lot of apparently amazing demonstrations, and I didn’t make a lot of approaches that I might have made with just a little push. Certainly the handful of times an instructor did track me down and give me some one on one time were the most productive and educational moments of the whole trip. But as soon as we got separated, I stubbornly clung to my objective, and missed out on some valuable experiences. I regret it now, so take it from me: if you find yourself on a 10-day bootcamp, or any bootcamp, don’t stray too far. Certainly take the initiative yourself as much as possible, but stick close.


Speaking of the instructors, despite what you may have heard, they are human after all. Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely amazing with women. But for every mind-blowing success, I saw them get rejected regularly, even really hard by just average-looking girls. This was one of the biggest revelations for me. I see now that the big difference between them and me is not that they don’t get rejected (they do), and not that they don’t get anxiety (they do), and not that they don’t sometimes have bad nights and get down on themselves (they do), it’s that they just keep on approaching anyway. And through that, they have practiced and mastered the skills to move things forward (sometimes shockingly quickly) those times that they don’t get rejected.


Finally, I have to give a shout out to daygame. Ironically, it was the one thing I was dreading the most, but it’s where I ultimately found myself most at ease. I literally needed a kick in the leg to do my first approach (big thanks to my main man Vybe!) and a threat of violence for my second, but since then I’ve become pretty unstoppable. On the street, I have now approached the most stunning women I’ve ever seen, all on my own and without hesitation. For whatever reason, these same women would terrify me in a club, all dressed up and surrounded by their friends. But in the daytime I feel almost no anxiety at all. In fact, I only start to get nervous when they actually stop to have a conversation with me, which actually happens most of the time for me. I have yet to have any success as far as numbers or dates since I still have trouble with the main part, which is 4-5 minutes of attractive conversation with a complete stranger walking down the street. But I just love stopping jaw-droppingly hot girls as they go about their day, delivering my compliment, and seeing them light up. It’s really addictive, I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.




So, is Game 3.0 worth the hype? Yes. I started out on the old system, tried half-heartedly to make it work for years, and it’s nothing but a hindrance to having real interactions with people. A big part of my success on this 10-day bootcamp came from being given the freedom to just talk normally to people. Approaching at all really came down to nothing but determination, but after that, the relief of not having my mind cluttered with routines and a linear structure kept me in conversations with total strangers far longer than I ever have before. I also never felt deceitful or manipulative like I did in the past. When it was all flowing, it simply felt like I was interacting with a woman the way I’d always wanted to but had never given myself permission.


This is the fifth bootcamp I’ve taken, yet the first time I’ve written a review. This is because it’s the first time I feel like it was worth my time and money, and it’s the first time I actually connected to the instructors and fellow students. Part of this is the extended period of time we spent together, but a bigger part is the kind of people Game 3.0 attracts. Who drops $12,000 and uses up two weeks of vacation time to sweat and suffer, all for the sake of self-improvement? The cream of the crop, that’s who. Sure, our social skills may need some work, but the fire was already inside us, and that’s what counts. So, rest assured that if you are the kind of person that is willing to make this kind of investment in yourself, you will find yourself among kindred spirits, and it’s a beautiful thing. The only downside to the 10-day bootcamp is that you and your eleven new best friends won’t all be together in the same city once it’s over.


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