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10-day Bootcamp reviews

10-day Bootcamp Review (Las Vegas, July 2012)

Game 3.0 is the curriculum taught on the 10-day Bootcamp and Project Rockstar. I have taken a bootcamp in the past and it opened my eyes up to what is possible. I thought it was amazing, having everything broken down to learn how an interaction should go.


Venture and Sterling have taken the best bits from all the different bootcamps around the world and rehashed, reshaped and revolutionized. They both had their own ideas of what great game looked like and created a number of models and techniques to make, what is now known as, Game 3.0. It has seriously been taken to the next level and my personal success has been rapid. Very quickly.


The breakdown of the knowledge is intense. The whole interaction is based on a model oscillating between 3 basic components. Fun, Passion and Sexualisation. Game 3.0 is about bringing raw masculinity to the surface and realizing that its normal to be that way. And that any sexual intentions should not be hidden.


Some of the things that stood out most to me were, storytelling through a few different filters to create raw masculine passion, and to relate to the girl on a very personal level. To a certain degree it is about making them fill in the gaps and see a life lesson within their own lives. The storytelling model is so useful for life outside of game too, in business or even just talking with family.


Another big thing that stood out for me was using your touching escalation to create attraction very quickly. Venture is the master at doing this.


Sterling and Venture taught this with a lot of passion. It was very interactive and we got to spend some good time practicing touching. Everything taught was seriously eye opening and have no doubt that once I internalize everything taught then my dating life will be taken care of 100%.

      John M Aus


Hi Guys,


I was one of the 10 participants at this year’s 10 Day bootcamp in Vegas! I don’t think I can even start making it justice in this review; it’s simply something you have to experience to understand it. So much knowledge to absorb and so much time spent infield during 10 days really help to start internalizing everything I learned. Even though I had taken a regular bootcamp over 3 years ago, things in my life had drastically changed since then and my memory of game (and where by balls where) had been mostly forgotten.


Some of the things I really appreciated were the integrity, honesty and attention of all the instructors involved (Sterling, Venture, Vici, Helicase, Darwin, Stryker, Ryan and a special appearance from Future with his invaluable 10 Rules). The class is thought in a very precise way that really helps to absorb the ridiculous amount of information given. Everything is covered and all questions are answered. From Game 3.0, which I find works a lot better than the “traditional” way the game is thought, attraction (fun), escalation (in a clear precise natural process), Night game, day game and how they differentiate, SNL, Inner Game (this was absolutely fantastic for me), SCM and all the infield spent with the instructors, including individual debrief each day, from all the instructors was indescribably helpful.


I now have clear goals for what I need to work on, not only for Game, but in my life in general. This stuff doesn’t stop at going out to bars, it can really impact every area of your life to make you a better man that women will naturally find attractive.


I can’t stress enough how 10 days really help to internalize this stuff as opposed to a weekend bootcamp, it simply cannot compare with the amount of time and attention you get from the instructors as well as all the additional material that you learn (and seeing them in action). Now, one thing to be aware of, these 10 days are extremely exhausting, learning all day, out all night, 10 days in a row (in Vegas no less!) really takes a toll, you have to be committed. The investment to attend the bootcamp helped to motivate me to keep going as this was no small amount for me, but I’m happy I took the plunge.


And now for a bit of fun, just to show what can happen in just a few days. First day, my mind was blown away by the sheer amount of new concepts and information. Fuelled by information overload, extreme nervousness and all other excuses I could find, day 1 infield was a bit of a crash for me. I was shit scared to open any sets, I managed to get pushed into a few sets by some very perseverant instructors and AC. A few sets went well, but I was a nervous wreck, specially seeing all the others guys opening like crazy.


Day 2 came around and I got the chance to assimilate and internalize the information better (plus having a nap really helps), everything started clicking into place. Day 2 infield… ended with a full close in the girl’s hotel room’s bathroom (logistics, if you are wondering…). And things just took off from there, learning, practicing and internalizing new skills each day.


So this was a quick overview of my experience, like I stated at the beginning, it’s impossible to fully describe the experience in a few paragraphs and I hope this helps anyone thinking of taking a 10 BC in the future.



10 Day Bootcamp in LV

I have to say this was one of the most eye opening and amazing experiences that I’ve ever had. So much great information and feedback came throughout the course of the bootcamp. The days learning were long, yet extremely informative. The nights (at first) were tough. The guys wasted no time in putting theory into practice, sending us straight into the field from Day 1. And not just any field practice. We went to some of Vegas’ hottest night spots. I’ve never seen so many unbelievably hot women in one place. The sheer abundance of women to practice what we learned on was perfect too. And let me take a step back for a moment. When I say we practiced what we learned on women, we weren’t there to objectify them. We were there to get to know them. Pay them real compliments and have fun with them, rather than making them feel bad with “negs” or run a bunch of clown routines. We basically learned how to attract and carry out a meaningful conversation with a beautiful woman that could lead to something more. This is real and direct game…

Sterling and Venture have helped develop a method of meeting women known as Game 3.0. Its not only about initiating a relationship with attractive women, but also about becoming a more attracive man yourself in the long term making women and awesome people want to be a part of your world. They focus on helping you get very good with women in your words and bodylanguage, while at the same time, place an emphasis on ensuring that your masculine identity jibes with what make women attracted to you. Quality women can smell a fake in seconds. So in addition to the hours we spent on learning how to interact with women, we also learned about “inner game”….Your confidence and state of mind are just as important, if not moreso than the words coming out of your mouth. You could tell that the instructors really go to great lengths to ensure that they are in the right frame of mind when going out for the night. Watching them in action was pretty telling. But what was even more amazing was seeing the kinds of results us students were getting fairly quickly at the bootcamp. In fact, the guy on the program who I suspected was going to be the weakest link, turned out to be the most inspirational proof that this stuff really does work. He literally followed everything that the instructors told him to do, and he was taking home 9’s & 10’s every night of the program.

I really believe that 10 days was the right amount of time to ingest all of this information and learn it with live coaching. It also allowed the instructors to feed us bite sized portions in between nights out and set reachable goals for the evening. Every day we sat down and debriefed with all of the instructors for 1-2 hours of honest and helpful feedback with suggestions and individual assignments for what to do the next go-round. The other benefits of working on this for 10 days is that you start to get results, and get excited. You start to build momentum and don’t want to stop when you get back home. My approach anxiety is very low right now and am taking chances that I never took before. When I see a beautiful woman, I’m moving in!!!

I would highly recommend putting yourself through a 10 Day Bootcamp if you really want to change this part of your life for the better.



The interaction between men and women is fascinating. It can be as complicated as astrophysics and neurosurgery, yet as simple as me-caveman-want-sex.
What made this 10-day bootcamp so extraordinary?
It is the approach to the misnomer, “Game”, the duration (10 days of constant training), and the location (none other than Vegas, baby).
Day 1 set the tone for the whole bootcamp.
Sterling’s elegant explanation of masculinity was worth the money.
I will not go into detail about Game 3.0 – other reviews cover it, and you will learn it in the course yourself.
What I will say is that it is completely intuitive, and it works.
Why does it feel so natural and yet so damn effective? It is because it is based on female psychology and physiology.
When done right, the women have no defense against it.
Why? Because it is not fake, it is real, and you feel it and the girl feels it, and it is ON!
How do I know? Because I am that “weak link” that Bobby talks about – the guy that “was taking home 9’s & 10’s every night of the program”. Okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration.
How did I do it? Because I realized that, on Day 1, what attracts women is very simple – you need to be the genuine, masculine, confident guy with true high value, who is congruent with his intentions.
I came into this bootcamp with various self-set limits and prejudices. I had experienced some sporadic success with some incredible women, but not consistently.
I knew that I was not completely happy with myself, and I knew that I wanted better, could do better, and will do better.
I have always had a good work ethic in life, and have achieved great success in the professional arena.
Now it was time to apply the same determination and work ethic to what I thought was fast becoming perhaps the most important area of my life.
I saw this bootcamp on the LS website, talked to Jeremy, and decided to take the plunge.
I had not taken any previous bootcamps. The only thing that I read prior to the course was “The Game” by Neil Strauss (which I thought was fascinating, but dumb).
I did not read Magic Bullets.
I did not read through Attraction Forums.
I did not attend any seminars.
I did not have a wing who was an expert.
I was too busy to go out and practice even once a month.
I listened to two audio lectures prior to the course (How to be an Alpha Male, Intro to Inner Game).
I WAS the weakest link in the group.
But, oh boy, how things change.


My goals for Night 1 were very simple: open 10 sets; get a number; and have fun.
I opened more than 25 sets and had multiple emails and numbers by the end of the night, and made 15 new buddies.
Night 2: I came across a gorgeous 10, a model from Miami, and, without running any “game”, took her to my hotel room.
It was completely natural, there was no deceit involved, and the girl was grateful for the time we spent together.
I learned my strengths and weaknesses, and came to realize who and what I was. That insight was only possible after back-to-back infield sessions day and night for 10 days, with very specific and direct feedback from the instructors as well as the students.
Having 10 days really allowed the material to marinate, for me to learn about myself, and let me develop my own style of “game” (I really don’t like this term, btw).


Some other highlights:
-I pulled a 6-foot Lithuanian blonde 10 from XS, and did some bad things to her in the taxi. There were some shocked and excited passengers in the adjacent taxis at the lights.
-I experienced the most intense “bubble” with a stunning blonde 10 from California in Encore Beach Club and beyond. The chemistry and electricity were unreal, and it felt like everything/everyone else didn’t exist. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.
 -I ‘outgamed’ two Brazilian friends of mine, who are better looking than Ryan Gosling and George Clooney combined, who live in Vegas and hit on girls 24/7. Their response was: WTF??.


I had one hell of a time in Vegas in 10 days. 
I am more of a man now, in touch with my masculinity, than ever before.
And I know now that I am damn worth it.


One piece of advice – you first gotta be a decent human being for this stuff to work.
Because this approach is reliant on you being congruent with yourself and letting your true value shine through, you can’t be a loser asshole and expect to ‘game’ or trick girls into sleeping with you.
Go and work hard, study hard, exercise hard, and be the best you can.
And when you’re ready to play hard and be the man that you truly are, then come on over to this one-of-a-kind program.
You will have an experience of a lifetime. But that won’t be your last.

       dr chill


Hi Guys,


I was one of the 10 guys at this year’s 10 Day bootcamp in Las Vegas! I have to start by saying that this program will change your life! There is no better way to say it than that, any further words will not do justice to this well thought out and executed program. It is a complete immersion program that is very rigorous but pays you back in ways that you can barely imagine. I do not have enough good things to say about the instructors and this program, i recommend it as highly as possible!


The instructors were awesome on every level. Sterling, Venture, Vici, Helicase, Darwin, Stryker, Ryan and a special appearance from Future with his invaluable 10 Rules; they were all great! I want to thank each of them for their excellent work and all the help that they provided me. It was a pleasure hanging out with each and every one of these guys and I would be proud to call them all my friends. These guys are really there for you and if you let them they will help you change your life! Again thank you so much guys!


This is one hell of a class! It is very well thought out and constructed in a way that really helps to absorb the ridiculous amount of information given. And believe me there is a ton of material! Game 3.0, which I won’t go into the details of since the material is available elsewhere, is awesome and intuitive. I found the system excellent, intuitive and natural! The teaching and all the infield spent with the instructors, including individual debrief each day, from all the instructors was incredibly helpful and fun.


The only problem with this system is that is too good! I honestly think the biggest problem will be that you will get so many gorgeous, awesome women that you will end up dating a “ten” and get sucked into a relationship, its almost inevitable. Sounds awful, no?


I can’t stress enough how effective the 10 days really are, its total immersion and it works. It simply cannot compare with the standard weekend bootcamps. That said the 10 days were incredibly grueling so be prepared. Really, surprisingly tough but worth every minute. I believe in this program so much that if i have the opportunity(read, enough time off work) i will take the program again!


Vegas was the perfect place for this program and all the venues were top notch. It is not possible to find better clubs and hotter women than we had during the 10 days. This experience was incredible and the amount of improvement in your game that happens over the 10 days is amazing. I have never met as many hot 9s and 10s as i have during this 10 day period, the infield was very helpful and the guys on my 10 day program were great. I am looking forward to seeing all of these great guys again!


This program changed my life and I’m not interested in going back to my old life. I believe in this program so much i would recommend it to anyone and plan on taking it again myself!



I came in to the 10 day bootcamp with high expectations, and I was still blown away. I came in expecting to learn some devastating routines, instead I learned game 3.0. I came in thinking I’d learn some theory on appearing more attractive to women, instead I learned how to actually become a naturally attractive man. I came in hoping to improve my success with women; I came out with the foundations for a life that beautiful women are naturally drawn in to.


From the moment I stepped into that suite in the cosmopolitan, I could tell this was for real. Sterling set the tempo from day 1, I was immediately hooked. A lot of what I’d previously read about Game was flipped upside down the first day I stepped in that room. In the first night we went out, I learned more about game than I’d learned from months of practicing routines. Sterling has this genuine passion for teaching game. The reason the bootcamp was such a life changing tool for me was because Sterling was leading it. Game 3.0 is challenging and requires you to push your equilibrium and step outside of your comfort zone, but Sterling breaks it down to a practical level and with 10 days/nights of practice this stuff starts to stick like glue. I don’t know if there is a better instructor out there. Instead of looking at specific lines to say to women, we went a couple levels deeper; what makes women attracted to you and how do you convey it through your sub-communications and natural conversation. With infield help from Helicase, Stryker, Vici, Darwin, and Sterling, I was able to start operating on a wavelength that girls responded to. I spent quite a bit of time watching Helicase take on 9’s and 10’s over the course of the 10 day. Girls almost instantly pick up on his vibe and are sucked in within a couple minutes. I spent most of the 5th night at Marquee working with Helicase. By the end of the night I was getting 8’s sucked in and 9’s and 10’s were picking up on my vibe as well. If you work with this guy I promise your game will instantly jump up a couple notches. The stuff I learned in 10 days will stay with me forever. This is the future of game, and if you’d rather learn how to naturally attract women instead of thinking up 30 different lines, then you’ve come to the right place. Over the course of 10 days I learned some incredible stuff, met some awesome people, and had the time of my life.


Fast forward almost 2 months later, its 11 pm, and I’m in Australia overlooking gorgeous Brisbane City at night. For the past two months Australia’s been my testing grounds for the material I’ve learned. All I can say is, WOOAW!! I have another level of confidence when I step into a bar, club, or walk down the street. I swear I get literally triple the amount of girls checking me out than I used to. I’ve started working out again and that could be a factor as well, but I’ve never had girls just eye fucking me from across a bar before. And now when I get those green lights I don’t hesitate, I pounce. When I approach girls and come in rock solid, I can feel them thinking, “holy shit, this guy is for real”. Sometimes I don’t even recognize the person I’m becoming because the change has happened so quickly. Now for a reality check, yes I do get rejected still. I think everyone does. 9’s and 10’s are still a challenge; they can be stubborn as hell. But I’m still getting attraction from some of the hottest girls in bars and clubs; these are essentially the same girls that wouldn’t even look my way 2 months ago (but with a goofy Australian accent). I think the key here is that you really start to feel the most dramatic growth AFTER the bootcamp. Everything becomes more and more congruent with who you are as the weeks go by and you approach women at bars, clubs, grocery stores, malls, etc. I still have a few months left “down under”, and I can only imagine the possibilities…


So to wrap things up, take this bootcamp if you’re serious about becoming better with women and bettering yourself as a person. Take this program because the instructors are insanely good, the concepts behind game 3.0 are something you won’t learn anywhere else, and you’re going to grow as a person in ways you wouldn’t have imagined before the boot camp.


The only downside to the entire program? I now know what docking is…



Hey Guys


I attended the 10 day bootcamp in Vegas earlier this year and all I can say is WOW! This program seriously exceeded my wildest expectations. I had taken a bootcamp previously and while that was great, it simply cannot compare to the 10 day. 10 days of hitting on girls to drill in “Game 3.0″ (in Vegas no less!) and getting daily feedback, literally forces you to grow and really cements the principles. Also you get more information than you’ll ever need: Game 3.0, Day Game, Inner Game Seminar, Social Circle Mastery Seminar, and the SNL Seminar. I highly doubt that you will ever need to attend another program. I don’t want to go into the Game 3.0 syllabus too much because there is quite a bit of information out there but the emphasis on non-verbal communication rather than “what to say” was GOLD! This is where the “game” is won fellas and is essential for SNL’s! The new model also feels far more real and natural which is great.


With this program you also get access to many different coaches which is awesome. We had Sterling, Helicase, Darwin, Stryker, Vici, Venture, Intrigue, Future (who gave us his Big 10 rules (money!)) and Ryan as our approach coach. With so many coaches, we got tons of different insights and lots of individual attention. These guys all taught with passion, gave really specific feedback, and really pushed us infield (also watching these guys infield is an education in itself!). The coaches also had an insane ability to identify each of our sticking points very quickly. Here’s some examples: Around about day 3 of the program Sterling gave me some individual feedback about how I was playing it too safe and not being physical enough. So he gave me some advice on what I need to do that night and we went through some drills. That night he paired me up with Vici who went through some demo’s with me and gave me live feedback after each set. Long story short….I pulled that night! My success rate also went up dramatically throughout the rest of the program. Another example was on one of our Day Game “adventures”: Stryker’s live feedback really accellerated my progress. I got more solid number’s than I’ve ever gotten during the day. Some of these girls met me out later that night/s. I also remember Darwin pushing me in to tough situation (the girl was surrounded by guys) which showed me what’s possible. Helicase’s game is also insane! I learn’t a ton from just watching and being in set with him. His feedback is pretty much always spot on and money! There are many more examples but you get the idea.


Since the program I’ve been travelling extensively and have had a chance to practice this stuff in 4 major cities. This stuff WORKS! My “pull” rate has increased dramatically and I’m just all round more confident and comfortable. Now I agree with norcal 123 in that yes I do still get rejected (alot on some nights) and yes 9’s and 10’s are a challenge, BUT I’m getting much more success with women (yes 9’s and 10’s included ) in general than ever before! I can definitely attribute all of this directly to this program.All in all I think that this program is phenomenal! I learn’t a hell of a lot, met great people (coaches and other attendee’s), and had tons of fun!



If it’s no bullsh*t tough love you’re looking for, then you’ve come to right place. The perfect place.


The learning environment (elite and caring instructors, classroom and top notch clubs/bars/day game locations). The clear cut breakdown of game (Game 3.0) the way it was meant to be taught (without gimmicks, routines and tired, static “old school” methodology). The immense body of accumulated experience, perspective and palpable confident masculinity that these instructors share not only sets them apart from every other program out there but also sets the table from the second you walk into the classroom (for the next 10 days, and quite possibly the rest of your life). But it is also, and will be, the newly redefined foundation of ‘reality’ that will be with you at ALL your learning moments, your moments of weakness, fear and doubt and ultimately the reason why you decided to place your unfailing trust in them: for those hard fought and life defining break through moments.


It will be at those exact moments of success, as you connect with an amazing, hot girl that you’ll finally realize why Sterling and the rest of the instructor crew have been pushing you SO f*cken hard from the moment you showed up.


They truly understand how easily we as individuals (who’ve had such infrequent and extremely limited success with girls all our lives) can “pat ourselves on the back” and declare victory with either only getting to the ‘bubble stage’ with a girl or only getting her number or even just making out with her at the club….knowing full well that you can take things even further than you ever thought possible: by pulling a girl you just met a club and taking her back to your place.


Reality shattering is the best way I can describe this.


And this is exactly how every male on the planet should be raised.


The instructors, following Sterling’s committed lead, are not only tops in their field, but they really truly care about your development. They fully understand the investment (financial, emotional and time) that you’ve committed on your end. They respect that. They honor that. And in turn they give you your money’s worth. And then some! How do you put a price tag on your ‘manhood’??


As for your comfort zone.


Leave it at home. At the airport. In the hotel toilet. Wherever. Just don’t bring it with you. Because it’s only going to hold you back and will do nothing but add more miserable regret to your life.


Most importantly though, make sure to find your testicles in case you misplaced them. Trust me, you’re going to need ‘em! At all times.


Depending on how much you like challenges in your life. How much personal growth means to you. And whether you’re fascinated and motivated by reality altering experiences, this program will more than likely exceed all your expectations.


Your concept of what is truly ‘real’ will be redefined. Your belief in your identity, in who you think you really are, will not only be tested, but crushed, if you’re lucky.


The sooner you accept this change, the sooner you begin to really, truly believe everything that Sterling and the instructors tell you, then the sooner you’ll begin to reap the rewards of all your hard work: girls, new found confidence, and the sudden emergence your true, core, masculine self. Basically, the strong, confident, attractive guy you thought you would grow into “someday” will begin to make an appearance. And you’ll be ecstatic. And emotional. And even slightly confused at the mild “identity crisis” you’ll be experiencing. And it’ll truly be worth it. But it’s going to take some work.


This program doesn’t produce the exact same results for every guy. Every person is different. With different issues. Different limiting beliefs. Different “inner demons” to conquer. If even the thought of approaching a girl hot or otherwise terrifies you, then you’re obviously at a different starting point than someone who has “sticking issues” with physical escalation.


But if you’re f*cken tired of just being content and settling for whatever crumbs life accidentally throws your way, then know full well that the keys to a new door which leads to a better, more fulfilling and exciting life (with you as the captain of your own ship instead of just a little turd floating in the water) then this is the program for you.


If you’re reading the reviews about this program then that means you want more out of life. Out of yourself. And with an amazing girl(s) to share it with you. It’s a hefty sacrifice, but it’s completely worth it. Time to put your big boy pants on and man up!

    –  Ving


It’s me again. Initially I wasn’t gonna write a follow-up review because I just thought it might be overkill. But in light of the past 5 months (since my last update on this review thread) I couldn’t resist throwing another update in.


Here are a few paragraphs from my most recent email exchange with Sterling:


“Wadup Sterling,
Hope everything’s well with you, just wanted to say watsup and give you a quick update.
 Australia was unbelievable. I pushed my flight back and stayed til Dec 31st. I pushed my boundaries more than I ever have in my life. I went out 4 times a week on average and decided to stop drinking for the final 2 months. I had some spectacular rejections, so much to the point that nothing is really intimidating anymore.


And this all lead up to the reason I wanted to email you. I spent this past weekend in LA to visit my best friend (this guys been pulling chicks since he was a freshman in high school). We went out 3 nights. 2 nights we went out to bars. The 2 nights in the bars we pulled hot chicks left and right (mostly 8’s). But the real thing that blew me away was the night we went to a frat party. We literally had every hot girl at that party on us, it was nuts. These are the same type of guys I couldn’t even compete with last year. So much so, that they tried to kick us out.


Anyways, just wanted to say thanks once again. This stuff has changed my perspective completely with girls, which in turn has clearly changed my outlook on life.”


Like I said in my last post, the biggest changes take place after the program. Six months after the program you’ll barely recognize the person you were prior to the 10-day. Love Systems markets this program as a way to tap into a natural, masculine side of yourself, and that’s exactly what this boot camp does. The key word is natural. No line will ever be as effective as relying on the way you naturally feel a conversation should flow. There’s something off about forcing out lines and women can feel it. The best part about tapping into your natural masculine side is that you have fun. Sometimes I feel like I must’ve been hypnotized, cuz there’s no off-switch on this thing!

    –  norcal123


Hey Guys

Its been about 8 months since the 10 day in Las Vegas and things have changed so much with me that I felt that I had to post a follow up review. I feel so much stronger internally and together these days that not much phases me anymore. What we learned (i.e. Game 3.0, inner game etc) works synergistically to make you feel so good about yourself that you can’t help but take risks and push your comfort zone. This stuff also applies to areas of your life outside of “game”. A recent situation for me was when I recently lost a ton of cash with some bad investments. Previously I would have been devastated but this time I was able to get back “online” pretty quickly, learn from my mistakes, and move forward. I was shocked at my inner strength.

Also my “game” has gone through the roof! Since Vegas, I’ve been going out 3-6 nights per week (up until Feb 2013…..since then its more like 2 nights per week) and therefore have had a lot of time to practice this stuff. I have hooked up with and pulled more girls in the last 8 months than ever before, even compared to my college days. This suprised me because I had a wild college experience. These days I’m getting 7’s, 8’s, and occasionally 9’s on a weekly basis! My social circle has also grown greatly and is very high value and bad ass (largely due to applying the principle from the SCM seminar) and has become a major source of hot girls for me. I seriously could not have imagined this lifestyle a few months ago.

I know its been said before but I feel that it can’t be emphasised enough. The focus of the 10 day is to make you naturally attractive and hence there is an emphasis on sub-communications over lines and routines. I think that this is why its so easy to internalise. It still takes work but its alot easier than memorising a bunch of lines. Also once your sub-comm’s are good it makes it infinitely easier to hook up with girls. A recent example for me was when I had a steamy session with a club hostess. I was actually having a pretty bad night, getting blown out alot, and I was tired. I started talking to her because she was leaning on the bar next to me and I was alone at the time. I didn’t actively try to “game” her, just had a normal warm conversation but as it progressed i could feel that she was in to me. Long story short, after she got off work, I had a steamy session with her outside. The next day I started thinking about why it worked out so well with her (because she was a solid 8/8.5, working in a high end venue, hence I should have had to actively “game” her to get her) and I realised that while I had just had a normal warm conversation with her (there were some teases here and there but nothing too crazy), my sub-comms were on point. I used proximity, eye contact, and touch to great effect to get her really attracted to me. The best part was that I was not actually thinking about it… Norcal123 stated above theres no off switch to this thing!

Seriously guys this bootcamp will give you lasting change if you simply do what the coaches tell you to do. I still have a lot of work to do but I can’t wait to see how much more my life will change as I internalise more and more of the material. All I can say is that I am happier now than I can remember, and the possibilities feel endless!

Thanks again to the coaches and Love Systems…….this is a life changing program..

    – HotDog


I don’t think reviews could get any better than the ones posted above.
Let me present to you a slightly different one.


It has been 9 months since the 10 day.
And I am a very happy man.
And it is not because I have a Playboy model on each arm all the time, but it is because I am my own man.
I have felt like I was always limited by something when it comes to women – like I was not living up to my full potential.
Usually I like to define the things I want, and go after them.
I did that with my career. It took a lot of work and time, but I got there.
Love life is a huge part of a man’s life. There is no denying this.
I don’t believe in deceptions or gimmicks.
I believe that if you are somebody who has something to offer and you show that in a genuine and masculine way, then you will get the girl.
If you don’t, then hey, she was not for you.
Just like it takes a concert pianist 10,000 hours to reach the level of mastery, it unfortunately takes practice and guidance to be able to communicate and connect with a girl.
Some are natural talkers.
Some are not.
Some are in between.
Regardless, we all need to know how to speak and walk. Some take a little longer. Everybody needs to train to get to the Olympics, right?
So how do you train to become comfortable with yourself, and learn to connect with total strangers in a short amount of time?
How do you learn to pick up on the subtle social cues?
You need to learn the basics and then get out there. And try to swim in the deep end. Over and over and over again.
What if you have obligations — work, for example? What if you work 80 hours a week? Then what do you do? You need a crash course.
You need to go and crash and burn and keep going day-in and day-out.
And here’s how you do that: the 10-day.
This was the training ground for me. Navy SEAL training. Total immersion. Nothing else. You eat and breathe this stuff. And you level up, every couple of hours. And you come out feeling like you are your own man. And you are.


I don’t use lines.
I have learned to be comfortable with who I am, and I’m okay with that.
I know that I have value, and, if you don’t see that, then hey that’s your loss. I’m doing just fine.


The concept of masculinity is key.
It’s a multifactorial thing. You have to get your life in order first. You can’t be a bum. Get a job.
You can’t be a slob. Go to the gym.
You can’t be a tool. Be human.
You can’t be a wimp. Grow some balls.
I didn’t let the ‘game’ get in my way of work. I am doing better than ever.
I go to the gym. No excuses. It is my lifestyle now. I put on 18 pounds of muscle since the summer.
I act like a human being, not a robot.
I still crash and burn. But I pick myself up, and I go and try again.


I have a stunning brunette as my girl. A ’10’ in every way. She and I are crazy about each other. She loves that I am her rock, a man, that she can depend on, but someone who is also not perfect. I am a happy man.

    –  dr chill

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