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10-day Bootcamp reviews

10-day Bootcamp Review (Stockholm, August 2011)

This is an account of my time in Stockholm taking the 10 day bootcamp. I kept this journal whilst I was there and tried (failed) to update it daily. I don’t feel the need to write too many general things about my background but I will mention two things as a preface to this:


1. I took a bootcamp with Sheriff 2 years ago.


2. The material taught on this bootcamp is nothing short of revolutionary. All but one of the students had prior training and I think we are unanimously agreed on this (but you can read their accounts).


3. I’ve edited this to make it more readable and I fly in and out of tenses. If that annoys you, fk u. )


Day 1:


Arrived in Stockholm late last night and got a decent sleep ready for the bootcamp today. This is going to have to be short because we are going out to soapbar in about 30mins. Cliff notes:


Met Venture, cool guy. We shared our stories and sat around for a while whilst the room was being prepared. This was slightly annoying but no big deal. We talked about inner game in the seminar. It was basically a seminar about learning and how to learn optimally. At this point I am loving the ‘natural’ direction the bootcamp seems to be heading in. We then did some demos on each other, mine started out poorly but gradually got better and I got excellent feedback from all the instructors, particularly Nick Hoss and Laurent. Feeling really positive about the night out and just cracked open a beer while I get ready. Lets do this!


Day 2, Morning.


So, just woken up after our first night infield. It’s 10am now and we start back in the classroom at 2pm. I’m really looking forward to today, Sterling is coming in to teach and I have a great feeling about it. Reading about his background and hearing what the other instructors have said about him I think todays seminar is going to be money. In other news it is unbearably hot in my hotel room, I don’t think they have ac anywhere here and it is fucking annoying.


On to positive things. Last night was great! I went for a drink with Herb/Ole in the skybar at our hotel and then we met up with Damian and Greg and walked to Soap Bar, these places have original names… Got in there and it was quite empty, I sunk a vodka redbull pretty fast and got in to my first set with Ole. There was a very cute brunette girl sat with an older blonde friend. I approached pretty tamely and asked about the other clubbing options as the place was dead and I was new to the city. We talked a little bit and the interaction was pretty terrible, I ejected. Not a problem as this was a warm up, but I need to leave these sets well enough to be able to re approach later in the night. Second set was a couple that I had seen Damian talking to earlier in the night. They were sat at the bar and the cute one was dancing this ridiculous sitting down dance so I went and poked fun at her and introduced myself to her and her friend. I was getting more of a reaction from the girl I wasn’t really interested in and was talking to her while the other one played on her phone. I noticed the girl I was talking to had four rings on her hand and pointed out this was way too many. Retrospectively I should have found out if this meant she had four husbands but hindsight is a bitch. I try to make hand observations early in a conversation, I like the natural way it seems to kino when you make hand observations. Not sure why I was kinoing the wrong girl tho, brain fart. I lacked momentum with the other girl (she was ignoring me and on Facebook which i tired to tease) and decided to eject. I ejected on a good note, but my whole sequence was poorly calibrated. Should have stayed in set anyway.


The next set was a seemingly cute blonde girl and her not so cute friend. Ole and I approached. As I got up close it became clear that the cute one was quite old which was a bit of a sighball. I ploughed through and chatted to her anyway, she was in to it and we bounced to some seats. We chatted and laughed for a few minutes but I really didn’t want to stay in set long with these women since they were really way too old for me. We ejected on a high note which was a bummer since I got poked, prodded, hugged by them every time I tried to make my way from one side of the bar to the other later in the night. Obviously I’m kidding and this is a good thing (social proof) but it did get a bit old after a while. On another note, when you try to get a girl to buy you a drink and she insists you buy her one play roshambo for the round, it’s great.


The rest of the night was more of the same. Lots of approaches, very few instant blowouts, probably only one?? which is a huge positive. I feel my approach game is pretty solid and sets generally open well when I’m warmed up. I don’t really bother with lines unless its observational humour that I find funny, most of the time I just go in there and say hey hows it going, or if im feeling bold you’re really cute what’s your name. Opening is all about how you carry yourself and I think I have that well enough to be able to get the attention of most girls. The feedback highlights of the night were Colin telling me how to be a more effective wing and Andy telling me not to sweat the girl i had accosted going in to the venue who had turned around to talk to her apparent boyfriend. I was going to try and open the guy but it just wasn’t a good situation to do so. Hopefully there will be a ton more feedback today, there were loads of great instructors in the place! Going to try and drag myself to the gym now, ughhh.


Day 2, Evening.


So, the lecture today was awesome. Sterling is the man and him and Venture compliment each other great as instructors. I won’t delve too far in to the content but the new version of game being taught is ridiculous, everything just sounded right to me in my head.


The night out on the other hand was terrible. I was paired with mani and zach who were fun guys and mani did a good job forcing me in to set when I was been a dick and not approaching at the start of the night. I was in my head for the first few hours and got blown out badly on my first few approaches. One girl I went super direct on and the blowout was just fucking brutal. Oh well I know not to attach emotion to this just to perform better, but when you’re in field and trying to supress emotion it’s kind’ve a paradox when you’re trying to be in state as well. Basically the way I’m typing now is how I felt in field, just completely clusterfucked.


I spent some time with Sterling who sent me in to some sets that went quite badly for the most part. The more I was getting blown out the more I was seeking approval to have a good time and this only ends badly. I was rationalising excuses to myself in my head to not approach. I don’t think i’ve been blown out on approaches half as many times in one night, so yeah it sucked. I had the occasional good set which was encouraging. Hooked a texan girl (which speaking to people afterwards I think everyone did lol) whose friend was occupied by Nick Hoss. Things seemed to be going well until Nick ejected with his girl and pointed out that mine was married. Marv. The lesson from this I learnt from Rockstar Adam is to escalate hard early if there are green lights. I must’ve missed the green light and not given off a sexual enough vibe, hence why I got owned in to a thirty minute interaction that was going nowhere.


I opened some sets later with Laurent and he is a good teacher and we get along well. I feel comfortable with him in tow and think we can have fun together and don’t need to be talking game/approaching all the time. This is what annoyed me most about tonight, just the constant earache of game which was compounded by my own analytical mindset all night. I need to be having fun when I walk in to a club and I need to feel like I am in a club and not in the classroom.


On the plus side I had a great chat with Rockstar Adam on the way home and at the subsequent MAX burger! We seem quite alike and he really seemed to understand what I was going through. I’d love to be paired with him in future, seems like we can just walk in to a bar grab some shots and poke fun at the first girls we see. Talking strategy in the club and about what happened in the classroom earlier in the day is basically the worst thing that can happen other than a physical accident. Need to have fun and let it flow from there.


Day 3:


So I woke up feeling shitty today, last night was a half arsed effort. Failure is one thing, but not forcing myself in to sets and making excuses not to open is pathetic. I need to see no failure just action and inaction. Maybe I am being harsh on myself but it feels like I can give a lot more. I thought I was going to get torn apart by the instructors today but they had some positive things to say as well as some improvements I can make to my overall game. I think one of the things that happened last night is I moved too far away from game in light of yesterdays lecture/day 1 feedback and a lot of my interactions landed me in the cool entertaining but ultimately friend zone. I got one number but it flaked. I kind’ve expected it would and I wasn’t that in to her anyway so whatever. It’s always important to try and initiate texting when you get the chance though, its kind’ve like not opening vs opening. Why do the first?


Today in the classroom we ran through some of the more technical aspects of the new model and it’s great and all makes perfect sense. To be honest though, tonight is all about having fun. When I am in that zone I know I can crush. I am going to substitute drinking a decent amount of alcohol with saying some stupid shit for about an hour or so when I enter the venue. Hopefully I have a good pair of wings from PRS to hang out with and be stupid. I hinted at the instructors that I wanted to be paired with Adam but I’m not sure if that will happen. They all seem cool anyway so lets just roll with it. I am getting changed now and I’m looking good! Seriously sometimes I just don’t realise how sick my life is. I’m 24 and I get to travel the world playing the game I love and that has taught me so much about life and myself. I’m the youngest guy here and I get to go to stuff like this when guys in their late 30’s are only just realising it is the real deal/have the money and spare time to attend. If I just naturally flow from who I am and what I’ve experienced I’m pretty sure girls can’t resist me. Ok, gonna go put the finishing touches together then bounce to the club. Tonight I am going to have a good time and enjoy myself. The girls will be opening me!


Day 3 report:


We went to Berns again which is a moderately annoying venue to pick up but it was probably the best for me to come back here tonight to conquer it. I mean this in the sense that it showed me exactly what was possible if I was in state and having fun from the get go in the same venue, last night was the polar opposite of this. Having experienced the emptiness and disappointment of last night I knew that this was not an option tonight. I could simply not allow this to happen two nights in a row or it would just crush me.


I was buzzing by the time we entered the venue, my first set was a girl who opened me in the cue for the guestlist (I jokingly predicted this above before I went out, this is all in sequence remember!) If I had this a few hours later she would have been going nowhere but home with me but I was still quite cold and just did some teases which weren’t really congruent with my mood. Obviously I could not really fuck this up since she opened me but I could have gotten a lot further than just a few minutes fun banter and getting her name. Meh she wasn’t that hot anyway.



In to the venue and the instructors weren’t there so Herb and I decided to get shit done. Opened a couple of Danish girls stood at a bar upstairs and isolated. We talked for probably 20 minutes and I felt like I was able to storytell and DHV excellently. Sub comms were way too lame and didn’t sexualise. Ejected after 20 minutes with a Facebook close. Ok so in to the venue and I’m paired with Adam and Nick, boom! Expressed specifically that I wanted to roll with Adam so I was really happy the guys listened to me. To start with Adam was trying to get me in to just open sets with stupid random stuff. This was hard, really hard at first. Nick made me open a guy with a stupid line I made up, I asked him if he was a pirate. He looked at me funny and I said “oh I thought you had an eyepatch on”, I then put my hand over one eye he did the same and we had a laugh. I still have no idea how this works, if some guy did this to me I would look at him funny and probably turn away, which might be why I was reluctant to do it. Don’t ever expect reactions negatively or positively, just do. I bounced upstairs with Ole and Adam and had a few LJBF sets like the Danish one, need to escalate harder and push boundaries earlier in the night.


A low point was Laurent asking me to approach a brunette I had already approached and me being like nahh already done that. I had but I could have easily re approached. Too in my head.  Ahha moment when I talk to a girl who’d lived for a year in Vegas, she told me she was a nanny, I thought she said dealer, I asked her if she deals blackjack, she thought I said do you do blowjobs. This created much confusion and hilarity, she was in stitches and the whole thing was completely accidental. I can just imagine the words “do you do blowjobs” coming out of my mouth with the mildly disinterested face I pull when I say “oh you deal blackjack” Hilarious.


State starting to pick up. Just approaching all over the place and can’t really think too well of specific sets. Open two girls at the downstairs bar (one cute the other not) as their friend was getting drinks. Hook hard with the hot one when I misinterpret her accent as Australian (seriously misinterpretation for the win). Turn to the other one to give her some attention and slightly turn my back to the target. Works a dream as she starts pandering for my attention. Other girl comes back with drinks we introduce and I am stood in the middle just dominating this 3 set. Not really sure when I should be trying to isolate, how to push pull the group but I had Ole and Adam to wing so that wasn’t a problem. I was bringing the guys in to set and telling them where they’re from and being the centre of attention/fun guy. Adam came with shots and got me to toast, I chose to toast to pirate bay which was a reference from the warm up set earlier. Who cares if the girls don’t have a fucking clue what I’m talking about. Not seeking reaction, having fun. I isolate the cute girl and we are chatting about our lives and its going great. Kinoing etc, and I want her. Qualify on her travel and her skiing, relate to this and do some fun air skiing, everything flowing. I feel a bit like this might be dragging in to the same LJBF shit and I know she’s in to me, so I spike some fun and just pull her in close and say ,”you know I think you’re really fucking cute”. It wasn’t perfectly executed but it was 100% genuine and it felt good. She looked happy but taken aback and I noticed the whole dynamic of the way she looked at me had shifted. WARMTH. I was just looking in to her eyes and all I could think was how much I wanted her. Her friends kind’ve broke the tension and got her attention to leave so I tried to number close. Slight resistance which was weird so then I went for Facebook and she said she had a really ‘normal name’ so I wouldn’t be able to find her. I just look at her like she is a weirdo and ask for her number again. Number close.


After this I was feeling pretty good and bounced around a bit longer, mostly short sets now as it was getting late, a couple of dancing sets which were fun and a good experience to do some high energy sets. Ole’s dancing was from a different fucking planet. He just owned this 3 set with his moves. A little later I decide to fire a text to the girl from before since I’ve been told this is good to do, to get her replying while she’s out and in a good mood, still on a high from the interaction. It’s getting late now and the club is emptying. Ole and I try to do sets in the smoking area but it is dead/full of trolls. Spend 15mins talking to Nick Adam and Ole and just after 3am Greg Ole and I decide to leave, mood is starting to drop off and the venue is emptying so I think 3am is a fine time to leave.


Come back here and type till half 5 lol so much for an early night. I also just changed my Facebook profile pictures to the most “DHVs’t” looking at how hard it was to select which ones was an ego boost! Anyway great night, for me success = fun + more sexuality and teasing early. I know this but as Bruce Lee said, “Knowing is not enough, you must do”.


I saw the girl from earlier at the end of the night and we agreed we could text so long as she’d be a fun texter and not tease my skiing. She’s away for 5 days from Monday which is a bummer but I can keep the attraction up with texts I’m sure, it felt like we connected pretty deeply. I also seeded the PRS party next saturday earlier. She might have to bring better looking friends though, that might be an issue given what i’ve heard about the party plans… Time to sleep. Big day tomorrow, every day is a big fucking day for the next 8 days.


P.S. I notice that every time I hit a breakthrough it’s because I simply REFUSE for it to be the other way, i.e. night one state vs night two state, getting ljbfd by hot girl who I like erm not again thanks. “It’s better to get pissed off than pissed on” – Stone Cold Steve Austin.


Day 4:


Tough day getting up yesterday, I’m writing this on the monday since I’m exhausted and haven’t been able to keep up. Last night left me with such an adrenaline high and I couldn’t sleep until about 7am. In the seminar we looked at the new attraction /qualification model today and did some storytelling set pieces. It’s funny when I’m in the classroom I can’t think of shit to say but when I’m warmed up in the field it’s a lot easier as the creative juices are flowing. I must’ve had a 20minute conversation with the Danish girl last night and just nailed “storytelling” but it wasn’t like I’d written it out beforehand. I think because my passions are very genuine I don’t really need to worry about this, rather to just realise the model they teach and tweak the way I talk to be more in line with this.


Later on that night we went to soap bar. It was a slightly more low key night on Sunday and the bar was packed with guys. Other nights I might have been in my head for a while thinking wtf is this shoebox bar with a million guys but this night I forced myself straight in to set and was able to have fun. The rockstars helped a ton. There was one pang of regret which came from the second set of the night (2 set). Logistically the set were hard to hook but we had about 5 minutes of banter which was fun. I had Herb with me but it was loud and he wasn’t really able to wing effectively with the set up the way it was, them at a closed off table with a big group of guys behind. The one brunette girl was cute as hell though and I could tell by her smile and just general feel that I might be able to generate that feeling of warmth and honest desire that I had had with the other girl last night. I ended up ejecting and hoping to see them later since I didn’t want to leave Herb standing for too long, there was really very little he could do to wing, unless I had somehow smoothly navigated my way around the table and between the other guys and my target. Unfortunately I didn’t see them again and this was one that got away. Need to force the issue more with girls who I get this feeling with. The rest of the night was solid, I got plenty of approaches in and managed to maintain my ‘happy face’ as opposed to my ‘poker face’ thanks to PRS Matt and his vibration iphone app.


Day 5.


Today we did day game. Met Jeremy who is probably one of the most grounded and likeable guys I have ever met. He reminds me a great deal of Sheriff. His day game seminar seemed pretty simple but once you get out infield you realise the importance of some of the minor subtleties. It is the simple things that count. I got good feedback on being more expressive and had some good sets, although none of them gave numbers I got Facebooks and an email. This was my first time ever doing day game and it was thoroughly enjoyable. It is a little tedious approaching sets that you aren’t that genuinely attracted to but as Jeremy mentioned this is good practice for the ones that really matter. The rush you get from this incredible! I love the rawness of it and when that comes out in your vibe and subcomms you can generate warmth almost instantly. Even the blowouts aren’t so bad, they usually just smile or at worse look slightly confused and then go on their merry way. Day game is definitely for me.


P.S. Judah opened this stunning brunette, probably the hottest girl I have ever seen and he owned it and number closed after she said she had a bf. Everyone was buzzing for him and he was walking on water for a while. Great to see this stuff.


That night we had the option of going out and so obviously I ended up going out. Plan was to have a low key night and just do a few approaches and chat with the guys a bit. Unfortunately we ended up in soap bar which is a very intense and crowded venue. It would be accurate to call it the opposite of ‘chill’. Anyway Damian and I decided to tear it up on the dancefloor and have a few drinks which was fun. Opened some sets, one girl seemed pretty in to it and I bounced her outside, it felt like it was going good as I teased her and bantered but she had a friend which made it a bit awkward. Also was semi drunk and I doubt I qualified much lol. I held off the friend for a little while but she eventually dragged her back inside and that killed it. Was about to leave and then Zach showed up. Zach likes to drink and he likes to hit on women. I also enjoy this so we shared our ‘passion’ and stomped around the bar getting hammered looking for girls. This isn’t great practice and I wouldn’t dream of doing it on an infield night but it’s definitely fun to do once in a while. We stayed till closing and ended up getting nowhere. There was some potential for getting some girls back to Zach’s hotel and also a 2 set from day game that had text me back from earlier at about 2am. Unfortunately nothing hooked logistically and I went back to the hotel pretty drunk (via max burger of course). It would be really nice to get my end away in the coming days, I’m trying not to jerk off at all while I’m here to keep my sexual energy high, but it’s getting pretty tough.


Day 6


Last night was a bad idea. I was exhausted this morning and we had a day game seminar at 10am followed by infield. I almost slept in for an hour or two but I knew I couldn’t miss this, Jeremy is just too good and day game is too awesome. In the seminar he hit on some relationship stuff as well as logistical escalating and social circle game; a very well rounded seminar. He also digged deeper in to some more feedback and tried to get us out of storytelling mode. I feel a lot of us concentrate on verbals way too much instead of just genuinely being with this girl because she is fucking hot and you’re a man and you want her. This involved pinging off each others sub comms and as Andy has mentioned ‘seeing the girl for the girl’.


My first few opens this afternoon were a bit weak and I was really not in the mood due to my hangover. You just kinda have to force yourself through it though because that first good set gives you a real injection of energy and drive. I winged Jeremy as he opened these absurdly hot 15 year old (yes 15) 2 set. That might sound creepy but all I will say is that the girls in Sweden are a lot more developed both physically and socially and you just have to really see it and experience those interactions yourself to appreciate that. My winging sucked. I briefly chatted to the other one but it is fucking tough to relate to a 15 year old girl from Sweden when you’re a 24 year old guy from England. I learnt a lot watching Jeremy anyway. He just held it down and ploughed through, his frame is unshakable, at times amusingly so.


Later on we shuffled the groups around a bit and I got some great feedback from Laurent in particular. He told me to be slightly softer and less dominant in my body language and to smile more. Everyone seems to think my natural face reverts to somewhat of a frown so I guess that is true. Maybe this is something I picked up playing poker. It’s really hard spending so much time conditioning yourself to be unemotional/expressionless and then going in to something like this where you have to be very expressive and in line with the emotions that should be shining through when you’re cold approaching in the day. I might take improv classes or something when I get home to try and help with this. Either way I noticed that the softer more vulnerable body language worked a lot better. The second thing I learnt today was to really slow down the opener, and you can even re compliment later in the interaction if you really have a lull in the conversation. Something like, “yea wow my friends are going to think i’m crazy now but i just had to come and say something”. I might do this if i find myself going too hard in to storytelling mode. It’s a quick fix for now anyway.


Tonight I considered going out for an hour or so/going up to the hotel bar. It’s got to 2am now though and I’m probably just going to watch a couple of episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm to get my disassociative humour fix. Sometimes you have to be realistic with expectations of yourself and for now I feel it will do me good to recharge the batteries, take in some of what I have learnt and really go on the charge tomorrow night. I felt my excitement dip today a little bit and I think a night off will rekindle that excited energy that helps me be in a good fun state on nights out.


Day 7:


Up for Mr M’s talk today at 10am. I still couldn’t sleep until around half 4 last night despite been pretty tired. Judah and I are having the same problem and agree that it’s down to all the emotions and information we have been processing during the week. It’s so intense and such an emotional roller coaster! When I sit down to sleep all I can think of is funny shit to say and how I might have done sets differently and how I’m doing overall, or one nugget an instructor came out with that day that stuck with me. My brain is in overdrive, but when I’m in the classroom my mind is blank a lot of the time when it comes to the creative stuff.


Mr M’s seminar was really good and got me excited about the opportunities I can create back home. My free time and flexibility with when I work should really allow me to build up bonds quickly if I spend enough time at it. Manuel went after me big time on my fashion over lunch. After lunch we went shopping and he picked some stuff out that I tried on, it was all tight as shit and made me look like I was here for pride week. I then put the t-shirt I was wearing back on and asked the store girl how it looked to which she responded it was a much better fit Anyway, I am plenty open to changes and willing to try anything. It opened me up to taking advice from other people in the program which is always a good thing.


After the second part of the seminar today I had a sit down with Sterling and Venture for some extensive feedback. They’re such good mentors and I feel very fortunate to be here. Sterling in particular is incredibly good at getting deep in to the head of a person and knowing what makes them tick. This is something I can relate to in poker. You really have to feel someones tendencies and mood to be able to manipulate them in to making mistakes and giving you money. In this case there are two things which make me tick, brutal honesty and encouragement. I received both and thought that everything that was said was bang on the money. I sometimes need the latter because I am so hard on myself and I struggle to outwardly express myself to others. To hear them talk about the potential they see in me was inspirational and makes me want to push myself harder and harder every time I go out. “Realise you’re supposed to reach for the skies, never let somebody try to tell you otherwise”. The Roots- The Fire. I listen to this song every night before I go out to try and pick my mood up. Edgar mentioned a tattoo and I might get this on my inside forearm, it’s a pretty good mantra to live your life by, and it has a lot of personal meaning for me.


The night out was a good one. We went to Cafe Opera and I was full of energy. Herb and I had some banter with our warm up set and it was probably one of my best first sets so far. It’s a shame I didn’t see the girl again because she was just my type, cute brunette with a big smile and kinda badass fashion sense. Anyway we moved on and I found myself winging with Adam. I isolated the girl away from the group and was ploughing through some banter instantly. I don’t even remember what I said which is usually a good sign… flow. During the set no less than 3 of the Rockstars interrupted and dhv’d me hard which was so awesome. It was incredible just watching her face light up as they came over to me one by one and shook my hand/explained how awesome I was. I made out with the girl a few times which was a bit of a breakthrough for me been able to escalate so quickly in a club. Anyway she had to go off and find her friends who had left to another part of the club so I number closed and pinged her a text about an hour later. Adam had hooked the other one too so there was a good chance it would be on later despite the third wheel who was in a LTR. Long story short, we (I?) fucked it up later when we saw them. It wasn’t a complete disaster/relationship ender but I know what I did wrong and you can guarantee I won’t be doing that again. Not banging a hot girl who is in to you because you did xyz is pretty fucking good negative reinforcement.


The other sets in the night went well and I got one other number close and had some good fun winging. I didn’t get much warmth from many other sets that night but I had a great time and really felt a detachment from my sets that gives off that vibe of abundance I generally lack. I’ve learnt to get the last word in if I get blown out and I’ve learnt that if it’s something stupid and funny it really keeps me in the mood to plough through in to more sets. Other nights I’ve had lulls in my mood but these were rare tonight.


Day 8:


I’m losing track of the days, just haven’t been able to keep up with this. It’s Saturday (day10) as I’m writing now.


Ok so on Thursday we debriefed in the morning and in the afternoon I went shopping with Edgar. Apparently I need more of an ‘edge’ so I was happy to roll out and just try anything. Long story short I got, 1 pair of boots, 2 pairs of jeans, two v necks a suit jacket and a leather jacket. Spent a ton of money on all this stuff but can’t really have a budget when it comes to recreating your style. I’ve spent more in Spearmint Rhino in a night and I reckon I’l save a bunch of money getting laid and not ending up in there :P. Edgar was great, he got really in to it which made it a lot easier for me going through the grind of trying out all these different clothes. We spent a good 4-5hrs shopping and I enjoyed Edgar’s company, he’s a very smart guy and a great teacher. He opened a girl selling electricity on the street and the 3 of us bantered for a while. It gave me a great feeling for day game banter and I picked up a number of useful things, notably the fake handshake! I was feeling very tired in the evening and ended up staying in. Friday was going to be a big one and I didn’t want to leave anything in the locker because I was too tired.


Day 9:


Ugh, woke up with a horrible sore throat and very tired. Despite lights off being around 2, I couldn’t sleep till half four. Every night is like Xmas eve here! I was hoping we would have been doing day game in the afternoon and that I could excuse myself to rest up for the night. We ended up doing a very intensive seminar covering a few more advanced aspects of sexualisation as well as same night lays and phone and text game.


So getting ready for the night out we were due to go to Sturrecompagniet which is a club I hadn’t been to yet. I put on my new outfit and was feeling pretty good as we made our way to the club. Unfortunately it was dead in there and very loud. When the AC’s/Rockstars/Instructors got there we bounced to Berns. I was really pushing it tonight and decided I was going to try push some boundaries sexually. I made out with a girl within 5 minutes after leonhart and I had set up a gay lovers role-play that we bantered off. It ended with me telling her “il show you how fucking gay I am” before I cupped her face her and kissed her. Nick forced me in to another set and I guess this was designed to be a massive takeaway?! I opened some more and didn’t see the girl I kissed from earlier but no big deal. Got a couple of number closes, one off a very hot italian girl and a Facebook from a cute arabic girl. Was generally just having a good time winging and bantering with the guys. Sets opened very well tonight which I can probably attribute to my sharper look and my mood. At the moment I think one of my sticking points is that when I think I’m going to SNL a girl that I find very attractive I over reach and blow it. My logical brain kicks in because I have no reference experience. I have only ever had 2 SNLs and they weren’t in the ‘very attractive’ category. I need to work on this because it’s something I want out of game at the moment.


Day 10:


Woke up today feeling very tired and a bit sick. Also on a bit of a high and had a weird euphoric feeling knowing that this was coming to an end and that I would be pushed out in to the big wide world to make things happen on my own. I had my final intensive debrief with the lead instructors. It was quite emotional for me talking to these guys who had helped me so much in such a short space of time. They gave it all they had and I will always be grateful for that.


Afterwards I got lunch with Judah at this awesome place on the riverside. The best way I can describe it is “the coolest living room in the world”. Judah and I shared some stories about our lives and I enjoyed our chat. It’s amazing how much you can open up to like minded people who just take things in with no judgement whatsoever. It is incredibly liberating and enjoyable to be able to not hide anything from anyone.


This has been the most incredible ten days of my life and the way the new model works just makes me feel so good about myself. I know where I have to take my game now and I know that some of the other things holding me back in my life can be easily overcome with the skills and mindsets I have learnt in the past 10 days. Thanks to all the guys I have met here in Stockholm, you have all been fantastic. Special thanks to Rockstars Adam and Edgar who spent a lot of time with me during the week helping me out with unwavering enthusiasm.

    – Karmacoma


I attended the 10 day bootcamp this summer in Stockholm and it just has been an incredible experience. At the beginning Venture and Sterling told us that we would not recognize ourselves after these 10 days and that they could change our lives. That was true. I must say I just don’t recognize myself anymore and because I’m just another guy I also have in front of me the perspective of another life. By another guy I mean the true guy inside me who did not show up yet but always wanted to. The new model they taught us is just that powerful.


Before the bootcamp I was learning the game, for example routines I tried to implement in my interactions. But my behavior had become mechanical and I had just no understanding of the interaction and the energy which was involved in it. I understand now that the real problem was that after so many failures I treated girls as opponents. I was playing against them or maybe worse : without them. I could just tell routines without even asking to myself the question : what do I really want with women in my life? I knew I was missing something because I was not having fun.


The model they taught us is ridiculously simple ok, but when you dive into it there is one point soon where your whole perception of women and of yourself is going to change radically. When you reach this point everything changes, your goals in life, how you feel about yourself, your interactions with people in general and also the way you perceive happiness.


The reason for this is that what Venture and Sterling taught us is about the real interaction between a man and a woman. It’s a model about the real you interacting with the real girl and how you create an intense connection between you two. So this stuff is simple but deep. I would say that for me this stuff gave me simple tools to access very easily and quickly some parts of my personality which were holding back my game. It also gave me the tools to turn these parts into positive in a way that it now enhances my game and my life in general. The best example I can give is that the first day every coach said to me that my first sticking point was that I was aggressive and mechanical with women. At the end of these 10 days I was in a complete connection with the women I was interacting with. On the last Sunday I went on a date and I can tell that feeling such a deep connection with a woman has been really rare in my life. And I had spent with her only one hour at this point. After this experience I think that I will never see women as opponents again. I understand now how much women are important in my life and how much men need them but also how much they need men.


I’ve really changed my way of learning the game too. When I first began to learn this stuff I guess I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it. Now my goals are totally different. I want to continue learning this stuff because I know that if I do there will be so much more things to live with women. I want to be a man that has the ability to give to women this kind of intensity and I want to enjoy these moments as well. I know learning this game is hard work but it’s just worth it because it is so rewarding. It’s also a much broader goal now. I know that by doing this I will improve myself and enhance the lives of women and more generally people around me and I feel good about that.


Of course I did not change all at once during the date I was talking about. It’s just that at this moment I realized for the first time how much I had learned and changed during these 10 days. Because I was so different now, this girl was ok to live in the moment and behave and feel in a different and really intense way.


Back home I took a week off for night game to rest and did only a few approaches during the day, but I still had two dates. An enormous change is the quality of the girls I’m talking to now and I feel really more confident approaching the kind of girls I’m really into I mean hot girls.


I want to give another example just to show what I mean by being another guy. A great sticking point was my lack of confidence. The first days of the bootcamp I was ejecting from sets even going well because I thought I was annoying the girls. Now after bootcamp : Instant date from Daygame with hot tourist, she has to go soon I set up a date for the day after. She does not show up. Before I would have thought she’s a bitch and then the usual : what did I do wrong? And the even more usual : what do I need more to finally become attractive?… Now I’m confident enough to think she still wanted me. So the “before bootcamp (aggressive) text” would have been: “I went to this date you didn’t come I missed this good party with my best friends because of you.” Compare now with what flows naturally in my mind now : “Such a pity you could not come. I wanted to show you an incredible place in Paris. Let’s keep in touch”. I guess she understood that this incredible place was my bedroom because she just answered back. And this is certainly not a routine because I’m sure that the first guy even texting the second text would have got no answer. His goal was to get laid to feel attractive. Now I’m happy not because she answered but just because I interacted with this woman in a true way that makes me happy. I don’t even know and don’t care if this text was good or bad game. My real success here is that when I understood she wouldn’t come, my mind didn’t even flinch about the fact that she wanted me and automatically looked for an external reason the girl had not been able to overcome. And her answers proved I was right.


I just add this paragraph here today (after all the rest of the review had been written) to show I’m not only speaking about inner game changes but also results. Yesterday I go for my 5 approaches and just get a very fast same day lay. I used really all the stuff I had learned during this bootcamp and this stuff really works. This hot and adorable Russian girl was on her way to friends. After half an hour of all this stuff she was on fire. We went to her friends she took five minutes to tell them she wanted to stay with me and we came back home. What I understood here is that this is the quality of the interaction which really matters. I had been able to make this girl feel like a real woman. I didn’t count but she must have said thank you something like 10 times.


If this radical change has been possible it’s also thanks to all the coaches and Rock Stars who literally did all they could to help the students. We have spent 10 days out in the clubs of Stockholm always with someone watching us and giving feedback and advice. Plus the Daygame workshop in the middle of the week. It has just been like 10 nights 1 on 1, and even better. I still remember this debrief on the 5th day I think where 4 different coaches had watched and analyzed my interactions from 4 different angles. Each coach had a different style and they all taught me different things. So these infield sessions allowed me to make massive progress. The first night my level was at the point where Venture had to tell me I was just not part of the party. I was just looking at people amusing themselves in the bar and had no energy at all. The last day in the club I was happy and amusing myself a lot but also two of the coaches agreed about one of my interactions that I was running really good game. Anyway I could see how differently the girls were responding to me at the end of the 10 days. During the last two nights I experienced things like : a girl that I had kinoed earlier come straight to me from quite far away and put herself into my arms without saying a word and leaving her friend alone behind. To compare the first night I was unable to open and was lucky if I could deliver my opener before she leaves.


There has been a lot more during these 10 days. The inner game and social circle mastery have been really enlightening. Based on the new model the phone and text game seminar has just been powerful. Venture and Sterling explained to us that using only text you can move the interaction so far that you can behave like her boyfriend when you see the girl. Before this text game seminar I didn’t know what to do with a number. Now I just understand what I should text and why. All this is based on the new model which is so simple than once you get used to it you know exactly what to do in any situation (first meeting, text or date). Another way I understand this stuff is that you can say to a girl she’s beautiful in a way she does not even take this as a compliment and you can also just order a hamburger with such a delivery that you can make her attracted to you. As an example for months I wanted to date this girl at the restaurant near my home. She wouldn’t say a word to me or even look at me. I went once in this restaurant since the bootcamp. She’s now speaking to me making strong eye contact and making me understand she wants more. The important fact is that she’s so busy there that there is no opportunity to speak more than a few casual words each time she passes by. Next time I go to get a date.


All coaches have given their best to change our lives. So I thank all of them because they all helped me more than a lot. Maybe more particularly I want to thank Edgar who gave me so much energy and helped me in every area of the game. Laurent of course who was here to help me at every moment of these 10 days. Lonhart who helped me going through difficult moments and becoming so much more confident. Nick who gave me this positive energy I was lacking so much. But the fact is that each coach helped me in a very important way at one moment or another during this bootcamp.


We had so much fun and good moments. On the second day I was just unable to stop girls when they were walking in the club so Jack decides to take care of this and to show me the way to do it. I just couldn’t do it but at once it just clicks so I stop this girl I mean really stop her and open her. What I just didn’t see is that there was the boyfriend trying to pull her with the other hand away from me and she was just standing here looking at me. There was this other girl kinoing on me like crazy in front of her boyfriend to the point I had to decide to get away from her before things get worse. One of the moments I learned the most was with the hysterical crazy blond. Laurent explained to me what I should do but that was too far beyond my skills. Then Edgar explained to me what really happened between me and her. Because I was holding all the pieces together something really clicked in my head about how women react and what they are looking for in a man. Anyway the great moments have been so numerous and again we had so much fun…


Thank you both Venture and Sterling for all what you taught in this bootcamp which just enhanced my life and changed me so radically… This model has been powerful enough to make this happen but you also communicated so much of your passion for dating science and for women that you have been able to make me feel this same passion. All of you guys bring happiness to people’s lives and you give us the tools to improve ourselves and give happiness to people around us. Thanks to your work and your teaching you give us the chance to avoid this life of regret which is the worst thing that can happen. I will keep up the hard work for sure (night and day game as well) and build from where I am already. There are so many rewarding moments in perspective.

    – Badcat


The 10 day boot camp in Sweden was phenomenal. I’m not going to go into the day by day details since some of the previous reviews cover the details.


If you are serious about being the best in anything whether it be game, business, or exercise you need to dive in head first and give it your all. I decided a few months back that I wanted to take my game to the next level. I didn’t just want to be good with women, I wanted my game to be epic. When I saw the 10 day boot camp in Sweden not going was not an option.


One reason I’m a big fan of love systems in general is that they deliver. I knew the 10 day program in Sweden would be incredible and it was. It gave all of the students a chance to improve on all aspects of their game – day-game, night-game, inner-game…etc – literally covered every aspect.


The lead instructors Venture and Sterling were awesome. The new model they are teaching is so organic and so real. You can feel the truth in what they are teaching and I had tons of ‘light bulb’ moments throughout the 10 days. It was amazing how we spent 10 days without learning a single routine and my game sky-rocketed and I hooked so many awesome girls on such a deep level in both the day and night.


What I love about the new model is how real it is. I’ve been working on my game for a while and there was always something that didn’t quite jibe well with me. Whenever I would use gamey lines or canned routines I felt like I wasn’t letting my inner-awesomeness shine through. With the new model it’s all about letting your inner-awesomeness shine through, physical escalation and sub-communication – essentially learning to be a man, letting her know that you are man, conveying your warmth and love of the feminine, and expressing your desires. The amazing thing is that 95% of these things can all be conveyed non-verbally. I experienced that first hand.


As an example, on one night after the new model started to click for me, without being gamey( but focusing on warmth and other essential parts of the new model) I hooked a girl really hard in the first 5-10 minutes. I knew it was on with her. There was this bubble around us and her eyes were glazed over. She was so into me it was crazy(of course she was since I’m awesome). It’s the best feeling when you can create that bubble and I was able to do it in an incredibly short amount of time. The best part is that at the end of the night the logistics got all messed up because of her friend and I ended up going into a different club with a friend and taking home this 6’2(w/ heels) amazing Swedish girl. Once you get the abundance mentality it doesn’t matter if you lose some girls because you know you have the ability to attract more of the best. Simply put, the new model is revolutionary and awesome and I could not recommend the program more highly. No joke it was seriously the bomb.


Additionally, Jeremy soul came for a few days to teach us day game. He’s an amazing teacher and teaches an awesome program. Day game is amazing since it turns every single day into an adventure. Now that I am back in NYC, every time I step out my door I’m excited for the beautiful women I’m going to approach. Working with Jeremy in field was a great as well. It is important to know theory of course but observing approaches and listening to what instructors are saying and their body language is extraordinarily helpful. Even if you can’t make it out to Sweden the next time this program is run I definitely recommend taking a day-game workshop. It makes life so much more exciting especially for those that don’t have time to go out and party.


To end off, I’d say for those that keep reading review after review trying to figure out whether to take a boot camp or not – just do it! They are awesome. If you combine the programs with your own personal goals regarding game and keep at it you will see phenomenal results.


Thanks again to the LS team that was in Sweden. You guys rocked it!

    – Aryeh J


This summer has been an incredibly wild ride for me in so many ways. Having the honor of being chosen to participate in Project Rockstar allowed me to enjoy one of the most life-changing experiences I have had. Project Rockstar is an interesting program for those who aren’t too familiar — because it focuses on all areas of your life that must be addressed in order to be successful, notably health, wealth and relationships. This programs has had many iterations since it first began but what differentiated this year’s program was the choice by the instructors — Venture, Nick Hoss, Sterling and Bullet among many others who participated — to really focus on game. This may sound counterintuitive since it is a Love System’s sponsored program but all have agreed that there was more game this year than ever before.


In many ways this can be directly attributed to Venture’s own specific style of game and Sterling’s ability to break it down so that others can both understand and utilize it. It’s worth noting that Venture’s game has multiple elements — he’s well known for his SNL proficiency but what all of the Rockstars (and basically all the instructors) find so effective is his ability to hook girls so quickly and build comfort in such short durations, welcome to Game 3.0. And while many have watched and tried to imitate his methods, it was only on Rockstar that there was a chance to take his style into a vacuum and really apply it to others for an extended period to find out how replicable it is. To say the results were staggering would be a huge understatement. Needless to say by the time of the 10 day bootcamp, Venture and Sterling had refined this style of game to something that could be taught to people with all levels of game in a way that could be successful to a high level.


Enter the 10 day bootcamp. Something never before done by Love Systems, and certainly not something that will be available too often in the future for a number of reasons. The offerings of this program were vast in many ways: from the length of the course, to the intensive in-field instruction, to the inclusion of day game, social circle mastery, inner game and SNL seminars on top of the teaching of Game 3.0. Let’s just say one notebook would not have been enough for these 10 days.


For a little more insight on Game 3.0, it is based on not using any gimmicks or routines but being natural based. Now anyone who has been in the community long enough has heard this promise from all others out there, but until you saw the results of this training you could never understand the power of what is being taught here. One of the guiding principals of this style of game is effectively using your subcommunications (e.g. nonverbals, body language, tonality, proximity, eye contact, etc.) so that you don’t come off as creepy but even moreso in order to get girls attracted to you. If you’ve ever squeezed a girl’s hand (properly) right as she tells you something awesome in qualification, you can being to understand how effective this material is. Another beautiful element to this game is going direct, there’s no more opinion openers or trying to beat around the bush that you’re into the girl — why not just say: you’re absolutely beautiful?


Game 3.0 rewards high value men who are congruent. One of the things I highly respect about Love Systems is that it almost always has high value men in its programs — there is largely the result of the $3,000 price point which keeps out the creepy guys you find at other programs who almost always charge $1,000 for the weekend no matter what they claim because they are desperate to fill seats. So almost everyone who enters these programs already has their life together and then it’s just about trying to find a way to “sell” that to girls to make them realize you are worth their time. Game 3.0 does this in a way that is completely natural but also really fun. It’s fun because you are being yourself and you are having a good time by teasing on your own terms. Nothing is fabricated and you lead the interaction through honesty.


The 10 day bootcamp was awesome because it allowed for a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels to come together and prove how powerful this game is. For the first three days, Venture and Sterling taught the foundations of this game to an incredibly deep level. They basically tried to get as deep and thorough as they could without overwhelming everyone. We are talking dozens of interactive demo’s, breakdowns of mindsets to deal with all different types of interactions and copious amounts of notes on everything in between. But what was amazing is that after Day 3 (and correct me if I am wrong as it was a while ago as it may have been Day 4 or 5 but I remember Day 3), they basically stopped teaching anything new and let the material speak for itself. I don’t want to make it sound like that was it, but the beauty was that at this point it was about processing everything and then applying it. And that is where the amazing results came, because as everyone worked to process the material, you could see their minds in motion as they were in field. But after the focus shifted to refining and micro-calibrating, that is when the staggering results truly came through.


In addition, the in-field’s were legendary. Rolling deep as a crew of 20 people to these Stockholm clubs, we took over wherever we went. With at times upto 6 LS instructors, 8 AC’s and 6 Rockstars, the ratios were often times at least 2:1 for instructors: students. This allowed for optimal winging situations and great instruction that might not otherwise be available. The greatest value came though in the debriefs. These debriefs often lasted 20-30minutes per student the next day as just about every interaction was detailed to really break down how to apply Game 3.0 in every situation. What really blew my mind is that after establishing daily sticking points, these things were gone almost 100% by the next day which is completely unheard of. Whether is was approaching, tweaking body language, establishing attraction through comfort and warmth or whatever else the instructors recognized as holding students back, these guys were plowing forward each night so quickly because of how applicable the teaching was.


The results at the end of this program were just awesome to see. I feel very lucky to have been a part of the initial 10 day bootcamp. All of the students were great guys who I enjoyed hanging with and will likely run into at one point or another down the road. On top of Venture and Sterling’s awesome work on the bulk of the program it would be myopic to not give a big thanks to the others. Jeremy Soul and Nick Hoss ran an awesome day game seminar and in-field. They brought elements in that had not necessarily been taught in other programs. Also it is worth noting that I saw huge gains in certain students after their success with daygame — positive reference experiences are huge and whether you get it during the day or night is not important as long as they are there which is another reason the 10 day bootcamp is huge. Similarly Mr. M continues to be a legend in his own right. His understanding of human dynamics goes to such a deep level that everytime I see him I just try to suck up anything I can from the guy. Having the opportunity to have him teach both Inner Game and Social Circle Mastery was awesome. I don’t know how much longer he will teach but he has left an indelible impact on game and will always be appreciated for that. Venture’s SNL seminar was legendary too, really, really advanced stuff that I will be referencing for years to come as it hits the core essence of male/female interactions.


So many others to point out…the Dutch, Mani, Rockstars Laurent and Colin, all my fellow brother Rockstars…thanks all for an awesome 10 days! As I said I don’t think this will be offered too frequently in the future, the amount of resources was huge and Venture and Sterling really put themselves out there to make sure everyone got more than they ever could have asked for through the program…all I know is I will do everything I can to be at the next one as it was an awesome experience…long live Game 3.0!

    – Zach


Yankee did a pretty damn good job comprehensively covering the 10 day bootcamp in my opinion. There are two major highlights I’d like to point out and then a realization I had while helping out on the program as to it’s effectiveness.


The first highlight is that “game” was presented in a completely non gamey manner, which leads to a much deeper understanding of theory. A good deal of the material taught actually contradicts with what people who have been around for 5-6 years + learned when we were first getting into the area. The reality is that you can now be yourself, you just have to understand certain principles that Venture and Sterling have broken down to prevent bad habits from your past from resurfacing. Ultimately, how you feel about yourself (your inner game) can really shine through when you understand how to properly present yourself. The best part is that the material isn’t just during the initial interaction – it goes from opening all the way through text/phone game and dates.


The second highlight is the sheer number of different instructors that came to be part of the program. I’ve heard inner game seminars taught by six different LS instructors at this point, but hearing Mr. M teach again brought a lot of new ideas into my mind. There is always something else to learn and each instructor has a different perspective, as always, some things won’t always sink in at the time you learn it. However, you’ll find that because different people explain material differently, you’ll find someone who can express things to you in a manner that hits home.


The last thing I wanted to bring up is a combination of having a full 10 days to work on personal change and having something like a 3 to 1 instructor to student ratio during parts of the program. As anyone who has taken a bootcamp knows, one weekend is enough to begin a change, but not enough to permanently cement it. You’ll find yourself slipping back into old habits if you don’t keep up the energy and put in the time. 10 days allows for a deeper level of change to occur, one which you can actually see the differences that have come over you. It really is a beautiful thing and getting feedback from so many different people (while overwhelming at first, I’m sure) turns into a really useful support structure for personal growth.


At the beginning of both Rockstar and the 10-day they asked us to hand over the remote control. It was one of the most critical internal decisions I’ve ever made and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to be a part of both.

    – Rockstar Alpine


As the students who wrote reviews have eluded, this 10-day bootcamp is life-changing. Besides having legends such as Mr M (Inner Game and SCM) and Soul (Daygame) teach their areas of expertise, Venture and Sterling introduced a new and much more natural style of game. As one of the rockstars who has attended multiple bootcamps before, I’ve adapted my game to this new model and I can attest to its results.


The new model came about by basically by breaking down the strengths of Venture’s game (he’s as good as anyone I’ve seen in-field). It’s a much more natural style to game where from an Inner Game perspective they show the importance of developing a true love for women, and exuding strength and warmth; and from an Outer Game perspective, how to use your body language and sub-communications (arguably even more important than what you say) to build attraction. With the focus on those aspects (and much more – e.g. new model for phone and text game, SNLs, etc), and the ability to continuously work on game day in and day out for an extended period of time, with specific feedback on what to correct, the 10-day bootcamp has a very powerful effect in completely changing and accelerating results on your game. I honestly could not believe the transformation that the students accomplished.


I hope that they do offer the 10-day bootcamp again, and that Venture and Sterling will be the ones teaching it, because I’ve seen every single Rockstar and 10-day bootcamp student come out of it as better, more confident and more attractive versions of themselves.

     – rockstar_peregrine


Hi all, it has been nearly 3 months since I met you all in Stockholm. That really was a memorable time for me and I would imagine everyone involved.

As far as my progress is concerned, I can say that I’m at a happier time now than at any time in my adult life. Not wanting to get too deep and analytical in this post but I’l say that stems from a powerful shift in my inner game and my self image. This is a testament to the new model. After my first bootcamp I wasn’t able to sustain ‘practicing’ because I went in to a results oriented mode everytime I tried, it was like game is seperate to my life (I do this to get women…), but now with the new model it is part of my life and congruent with my self image. This makes me quite excited to meet new people.

In terms of what I want to do now I’ve decided it is time to start working and travelling again. I’m fortunate/unfortunate enough to have an obsessive personality and have been able to engage it by taking the last few months off to practice. It gets to the point though where you keep rehashing DHV stories from last summer and you realise, hang on? wtf am I doing now? It started to feel a bit stupid telling girls I just got back from a mad summer and then a great trip to Sweden, what with it been 3 months ago.

Anyway the bottom line is, the 10 day bootcamp has helped me change my life in a very positive way. I have a sense of self trust, self worth and self confidence around women that I never previously had. Lovesystems should seriously consider running this program again.

    – Karmacoma


I took the 10 day bootcamp 5 months ago and my life has changed so much since this bootcamp that I think it is interesting writting a review about my experience. I want this review to be only a series of objective facts. It is just like the summary of my journal since I started learning the game with an emphasis on the last 5 months.


6 months ago my learning of the game was really difficult. I had stopped Night game and I had experienced so many blows out in Daygame that I was becoming particularly agressive with women in general, which made things even worse. Today I am in 5 great relationships with 5 amazing girlfriends and the quality of my relationships is the most important change I noticed. The difference is that now women see me as a high value man and they behave accordingly. So the whole relationship is different. The women I meet now are also much more beautiful younger and higher value than the women I met before. I’m 47 years old and I usually now meet women between 22 and 35 years old.


Before the 10 day bootcamp.


I took a 1 on 1 in April 2011 (Night Game and Daygame). I live in Paris but at this time I had never been in a club in Paris in my life. I could not enter a club, it was just impossible for me. Daygame was difficult. Since September 2010 I had been appraoching 20 sets each week in the daytime, but I could only open around 1 girl out of 10. After the 1 on 1 at least I could go to a club twice a week, and in the streets I could open 2 sets out of 5 approaches. I had a few routines, so I could speak a little to the girl and then go. In July 2011 things went worse and I could only open 1 set out of 8 in the daytime (I made some precise statistics).


When I tell this anyone would think I was just experiencing failure, but it’s important to tell that I was actually progressing. When I first knew about Love Systems it was in September 2009. At this time I was just looking at my feet when a cute girl was passing by and I was trying to avoid as much as possible any interaction with strangers. So I began by taking the decision that I would say a short sentence about the weather each time I will buy some bread. Then a short sentence each time I would buy something. After a few months the exercice was to go in a cafe and try to engage conversations with people, not necesseraly girls. After another few months the exercice was to say hello to a girl passing by in the street, after another few months I had to say “you’re cute”. After one year of this I had approached in the streets by a direct opener only 50 girls. Then we were in September 2010 and I was now able to approach 20 girls each week.


This was before the 1 on 1 but each day I went out I could see a slight progress. The 1 on 1 was great and after it I could lead conversations with girls during 2 or 3 minutes. I was going on my own in a salsa club in Paris, it was really hard to go, but usually I was happy after my night there.


The hard part has been June and July 2011. I could not open girls anymore in the streets, I became agressive with them, which did not help. The club I used to go was no fun anymore, and I was too much afraid to enter another venue. When I saw that a 10 day bootcamp was offered, I had the money to go and I did not even hesitate.


During the 10 day bootcamp.


After the second day of the bootcamp I felt so low and with no energy anymore. The other students seemed to have much better game than me, most of them could stay in set half an hour. For me the club by itself was frightening, I felt lost in there, unable to open any girl, the feedback was that I was not part of the party. I had not even realized before the bootcamp how low my level still was.


I had worked like crazy during 2 years and when I arrived at the bootcamp I thought that during these 2 years my level at the game had gone from level 0 to level 5. But after these two days I understood that in fact my level had only gone from level minus 10 to level minus 5. This was already a kind of achievement for me but the bootcamp was designed to teach us the best level of game and the first days were really difficult for me.


Venture and Sterling did so much for all of us. Despite all my difficulties they continued to believe I could make it and gave all their energy to make me progress and learn. The coaches and Rockstars there have been great with me. I worked more with Edgar, Laurent and Leonhart who encouraged me so much that I could continue to believe I could make it.


Then little by little and day after day I began to do good things. Everyone was saying now that my kino was going better, I felt much better in the clubs, I began to have good interactions.


Daygame has been difficult too, I was too agressive so I could not open any set. It took me 2 hours with the coaches to finally open one set the first day. But then I was better and better. Everyone was really encouraging me which helped so much and I finally got a number from a beautiful girl. And then a second number the second day.


At the end of the bootcamp I even had a date from daygame which went quite well.


After the bootcamp August.


When I came back home in Paris, I felt really high. I had been immersed 10 days in a new world, with great and confident people always encouraging each other. In 10 days I had gained an ENORMOUS AMOUNT OF CONFIDENCE.


The first important thing I have learned at the bootcamp was to be more confident and to love myself more. Now when I do something which means I spend energy in some activity I want this activity to be good for me and for my inner game. I began to focus every day on my success and not on what I do wrong.


I decided that I would approach 5 girls in the streets every day, and try to go out at night. Now I could approach in the streets 5 girls in half an hour and much more at night. So in 10 days I had acquired a powerful tool which made possible my future progress : an INCREDIBLE MOMENTUM.


And I was so helped by this new model we learned, all the seminars, and the practice in Stockholm. I was reading my notes from the bootcamp all the time, and rehearsing in my head everything I had learned. So I was in a kind of mental state which made me feel like I was still influenced by the bootcamp. So I had now at my disposal a POWERFUL KNOWLEDGE.


In the streets doing 5 approaches each day, I could get every now and then one number or one instant date. Then, one day I got one same day lay. This girl is great, she is only 22 years old but we have many things in common and we have a great relationship.


The day after I opened another girl in a restaurant and it went really well. 20 minutes later we were making out in the street and I invited her to have a drink in a bar. It was a mistake, she was ready to come home at this stage and I played too safe. But it was still an incredible success for me because I had created the conditions for a second same day lay.


Two days after this a girl from social circle (we were just friends at the time) came to my home because we had decided to go for a drink. When she arrived, she said she wanted sex, I answered I did not want a girlfriend. So she said she just wanted us to be friends with benefits and I was ok.


So in less than one week I got laid twice, plus I had a third opportunity I missed because of inexperience plus I had begun a great relationship with this russian girl and also a girl wanted sex with me without me doing anything special for this. I understood something had changed, that I could attract women more naturally.


Now each time I went out in the streets I knew a same day lay was possible, success had become part of my reality. Each approach had a chance to end in sex. I began to approach only the girls that I really wanted and to approach almost all of them because I did not want to loose any opportunity.


Speaking with the russian girl I also realized how much value I had brought into her life and how amazing she thought I was, and how grateful she was. This gave me more confidence.




Then at work I realized that I had changed. I was more in control of my life, more in control of my actions, more responsible of my decisions, even my voice had changed, so people began to trust me more, I began to enjoy some popularity among people, I could help others with more efficiency.


Then I had an important reflexion about my own value. This reflexion helped me understand what was my best self and my most masculine part and what to project to women. Very important in the perspective of what I learned at the bootcamp, since a lot we learned was about being more masculine with women and hitting more on their feminine side.


Then I continued to approach women in the streets. I was now getting one number each time I was going out (so between 5 and 8 approaches) so almost one number every day. I practiced the text game stuff we learned at the bootcamp and I could test how powerful it is. For example with only a few texts I could make a girl come in front of my home a Friday night at midnight (I had spoken to this girl only 3 minutes in the street).




My confidence was growing at this point. So I sent an e-mail to my previous american girlfriend. I always had wanted to be with her again but I never tried anything before because I did not dare nor I did not know what to say. She was ok to be my girlfriend again. She’s going to come and see me in Paris in Spring. I also found another french girlfriend, who is a great woman too.


And I was still approaching. Then I decided I would ask for an instant date each girl I approached. And I could get one instant date each time I went out so almost every day. This has been great because I could practice dates.


These dates have been a great experience and they revealed the real power of all I had learned at the bootcamp. Because during the bootcamp we learned so much about storytelling, and now I could pratice it, using the whole model : warmth, projecting a masculine energy, speaking to her feminine side, the takeaways, praticing the vibe. I had been rehearsing in my head all the notes of the bootcamp, the new model, positive thinking, what was my value and why, and now I could pratice storytelling to project all this.




I began to be more natural with girls, sometimes open them only to talk, sometimes getting attraction without trying anything really, and I began to find more my own style, more adapted to the kind of girls I really want.


For example I saw this girl with heavy bags in the stairs of the metro. So I just wanted to help her carrying the bags, and after less than 5 mintues of conversation she invited me at her home. So I could attract girls without even trying anything special.


In December I worked on “taking her home”. It worked really well. I selected the girls from the vibe at the beginning of the conversation. When I thought we had a real good vibe I asked for an instant date, then used my storytelling and asked her home as soon as possible (around 60 minutes). So I could take home this way one girl each week. The most important set has been this Korean girl. 22 years old, gorgeous, travelling all over the world, let’s say that she was the first 10 I could take on a date. For my inner game this girl was completely out of my league and I soon realized she was much more attracted to me than I was impressed by her. I missed an easy same day lay for sure, but this set made me understand that very high value women can feel lucky to be with me.


One week after the Korean girl I got a fourth girlfriend, a wonderful japanese girl who invited me in Japan at the end of February. This is my first time in Japan and I’m looking forward to do this trip.




I stopped approaching during three weeks at the end of December and beginning of January to travel. I started approaching again one week ago. I just give here what happened during this week so it’s very precise information about what I can do now only 5 months after the bootcamp.


Day 1. One approach, one date for the day after. The date goes really well on every aspect except that she refuses to come back home. So I leave the bar but the girl don’t want to leave me and follows me everywhere until the street where I live. She still refuses to enter so I leave her and enter alone in my appartment. I set up a second date for Day 3.


Day 2. I walk more than one hour in the streets and I cannot find any girl I really want to approach. So I approach 5 random girls only to lower approach anxiety (warming up after 3 weeks off).


Day 3. With girlfriend. I flake on the girl of Day 1 because in the meantime my girlfriend phones me and wants to see me.


Day 4. Work. No time to approach.


Day 5. 8 approaches 7 sets have opened. The 8th set has a really good vibe but she refuses the instant date, is not sure for the date the day after, and don’t want to give her number. She says she’s on holiday with a friend. I go back home.


Day 6. Work. No time but still one approach (to keep the momentum high).


Day 7. 5 approaches one instant date. But the girl is so stressed (by another problem) and she seems really difficult. I still can take her home after 40 minutes (I asked her home being sure she would say no but she just followed me) and I make out with her after another 20 minutes in my appartment. But the seduction phase is too difficult and I fail at this stage. I’m still surprised I could go that far with her. Still the girl does not want to leave my appartment without me so I have to go with her to the nearest metro station. Then she behaves like she is my girlfriend in her texts.


Day 8. So I send her the text “I’m doing X tomorrow you can come with me if you want”. She’s ok. We decide we will meet near my place. I go for Night Game in the evening (12 approaches).


Day 9. Just before the date she sends the text “I’m late” and I text back that in these conditions I prefer that we meet at my appartment. Later she arrives at my appartment and we have sex after 10 minutes. She’s really beautiful and have a lot of qualities, from what she said she must be 22 years old. She seems to really want to keep me as a boyfriend and I’m ok because I really like her.




MY LIFESTYLE TODAY AND THE QUALITY AND NUMBER OF WOMEN I MEET AND SEDUCE ARE MUCH GREATER THAN I NEVER THOUGHT EVEN POSSIBLE ONLY ONE YEAR AGO. So i did much more than reaching my goals. I discovered a new world and new possibilities. I discovered that women can have a totally different attitude if they feel that the guy is “different”. They are ready to give much more to this guy. So I can now screen for high value women and also I can get the best from each interaction. THE RESULT IS JUST INCREDIBLE.


At 47 years old I am now surrounded by gorgeous women in their 20s from all over the world, completely attracted to me and wanting to visit me or inviting me in their country. I have also two very cool girlfriends in Paris. I went in 4 different countries since the bootcamp and I’m going to Japan in 3 weeks, which is more than what I did in all the rest of my life.


SO THIS 10 DAY BOOTCAMP COMPLETELY CHANGED MY LIFE. What I only did was 1) I went to the bootcamp 2) I did there what the Instructors and Coaches told me to do 3) I practiced what I had learned at the bootcamp during these 5 months.


Of course I would like to thank all the guys who helped me so much changing my life, and especially Edgar, Laurent and Leonhart. I also want to thank Sterling and Venture for all they did for us and for the organization of the bootcamp itself. I just understand now even more how lucky I am to have attended this bootcamp. The facts described in this review speak by themselves anyway.

    – Badcat

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