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Inner Game seminar

Inner Game seminar


Ever feel like a woman you’re with or want was out of your league? Or ever been with a girl where you know you’re being overly emotionally dependent and clingy but can’t seem to help yourself? You can have the best ‘game’ in the world, but if you are insecure, needy, emotionally weak or have poor Inner Game, she’s eventually going to pick up on that. But what if you worked on your Inner Game? What if you developed a natural and unshakeable inner strength, a powerful belief system, and a true mentality of abundance? Developing natural Inner Game is rocket fuel for your success with women.

There are two levels of mastery when it comes to success with women:

1)   Learning and perfecting the lines, routines and tactics that generate attraction
2)   Becoming a naturally attractive guy and achieving deep, identity-level change

With the Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) curriculum, we shoot for the latter, and a core component of that is developing rock solid Inner Game. The beauty of strong Inner Game is that it can be fully developed by anyone who is willing to put forth the time and effort.

Have you imagined what it would be like to generate attraction without even thinking? This is the natural’s way of being – in other words, the byproduct of someone who has worked and developed their Inner Game. Our take on Inner Game stems from understanding that your Inner Game (beliefs, thoughts, mindsets) will always translate in your outer game (conversations & interactions) through your subcommunications, reactions and behaviors. Beautiful women are incredibly socially intuitive so if you’re insecure, she will feel it. Think she’s out of your league? Guaranteed she will feel that too

The solution is to develop the kind of mindsets and beliefs that a naturally attractive guy would naturally have, and we’ve taught hundreds of students how to achieve just that. In the realm of sports, the world’s best athletes – football players, MMA fighters, basketball players, and the like, don’t just practice skills, strength and conditioning. They spend significant time and effort on visualization, mental focus, and motivation. For athletes, time spent on developing rock solid ‘Inner Game’ is a huge part of their success. Dating is no different.

The Simplified Natural curriculum starts from the ground up. The foundations of a powerful belief system, strong self-esteem, and a set of healthy emotions make everything else easy. Once the foundations are laid, we develop the other synergistic elements behind naturally attractive and confident behavior. Ultimately, we build you into a guy who loses the routines and learn how to be naturally confident in all situations.

Here’s a few things you’ll internalize during the Simplified Natural Inner Game component:

● How to become a naturally attractive to women
● How to exude a good vibe, positive emotions and an interesting lifestyle
● How to effortlessly communicate strength, passion and centeredness
● How to attract and keep high quality women in your life
● How to improve your overall game
● How to eradicate negative thinking forever
● How to overcome ‘tests’ with ease

No matter what your apprehensions are now or what your past experience with women has been, the Simplified Natural Inner Game segment will place you onto a path of becoming a naturally confident and attractive guy.

This is an opportunity you can’t afford to pass up. Sign up today!