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Relationships seminar

Relationships seminar


You’ve seen it a handful of times in your life… a guy and a girl together in a relationship that radiates an unavoidable spark of intense passion and emotional connection. He’s masculine and confident; she’s feminine and stunning. A glance over at them is all you need to spark the voice in the back of your mind that wishes you could experience something similar.

Relationships are a core element of Simplified Natural (formerly “Game 3.0”) because those who step up and make it through our course ultimately become naturally attractive guys who consistently draw high quality women into their lives. And from this, relationships are really just a natural byproduct.

But there’s a stark difference with the “average” relationship and one that’s fueled by passion, deep intimacy, and connection. But how do you go about getting this? The truth is, far too many men slip into the arms of a merely comfortable relationship. These relationships are neither defined by enthusiastic happiness or unhappiness. Rather, they reside in the gray area of mediocrity that knows neither victory nor defeat.

It all ties back to becoming a man that is naturally attractive. It’s unavoidable – if you spend enough time with any woman, she is eventually going to see the “real” you. Many of the issues related to a style of game built around lines and routines is that guys would never be able to hold onto girls for extended periods of time. What happens when you run out of routines? Eventually, she catches on.

With the Simplified Natural take on Relationships, we guide you on the path to building upon the foundation of your natural attractiveness and forging a mix of an emotional, physical and sexual connection with the women you choose to take things further with. It’s genuine and it’s real – you get to be yourself while she is drawn further and further into your masculinity, passion and strength. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Here are a few things you’ll internalize during the experience:

● Where to take things after you’ve slept with a woman you’re into for the first time.
● How to build a whirlwind of emotions in the first couple months of meeting a woman.
● How to construct the foundations for a relationship that is highly intense and passionate.
● How to create the deepest levels of intimacy and connection.
● How to peel back to the furthest layers of a woman’s life.
● How to recover your relationship when things don’t go as planned.
● How to become the kind of guy she’s always dreamed would come into her life.

Essentially, stuff that’s movie-worthy. The Simplified Natural Relationships seminar hands over the keys to the love life you know you’ve always wanted, regardless of when you plan on using them.

So what are you waiting for? Change your life and sign up today!