Simplified Natural

Simplified Natural Review

Simplified Natural Review

When the guys I knew pulled girls from frat parties in college regularly, I always wondered how they did it. There were a couple of them that just seemed to be good at it. There were other guys that seemed to be just about as good at making girls laugh or carrying on conversations, but they didn’t bring girls back. Then I learned about game, the Mystery style of game, and I could piece a decent amount of what must have been going on together. Still, I knew those guys weren’t using mind blowing routines that they did all the time and would have been weird to use in a social circle type setting over and over again. They weren’t telling girls they had lipstick on their teeth or that they blinked a lot. So how does a guy go into an energetic situation, pick out a woman, connect with her, and then bring her home? Make out with her there? Why did I feel chemistry with a couple girls here and there, but not so much with others?

I got better at the accepted styles of game, but still a lot of this didn’t make much sense. Then I joined Project Rockstar 2012 and started learning the Game 3.0 curriculum which is also taught in the 10 day bootcamps. Venture had a significantly different style than most other pickup guys I had heard of, yet all of the other instructors in the room had nothing but praise to heap on how well he did in the field. Even Future, a long time Lovesystems instructor, had come out specifically to learn from Venture and see what he could adopt from Venture into his own style. As Sterling and Venture began breaking down their models in Game 3.0, I started to see that there was some very powerful and very different views involved in what they were teaching.


I also expected that they would teach some things that would strike me as odd based on my previous experiences, since they were pretty set on creating distinction between their style and ‘Old School’ game. The traditional style of game pioneered by Mystery works and has countless incredible insights, even if some of its practices are highly unusual at times, so I was curious how their ‘new’ style of game would fit in. It turns out what they had done was really quite brilliant. They had kept around the vast majority of the great nuggets of wisdom discovered in the earlier versions of game, but scrapped a lot of the routines. It wasn’t rejecting the principles of previous game, it was just a way to use them differently.


The result is a style of game that is targeted at letting you walk up to any girl and feel that you have within you the tools that you need to pick her up without having to throw a bunch of memorized routines at her. Previously, I had the feeling that girls were only attracted to me if I started busting out routines – and in many social situations that just wasn’t a good option. Or some nights I didn’t feel like using routines again. I wanted to feel like I could just start having a conversation that would create chemistry and lead to where I wanted.


That’s Game 3.0. As well as I can put it. Game 3.0 is a new concept and Venture and Sterling are still evolving it, so the models behind what you should do are very solid and describe things pretty comprehensively. The Same Night Lays component Venture taught is absolute gold and shows a distilled version of all the best parts of Game 3.0 that can be run through over the course of one night. However, with the goal being to teach a student Game 3.0 and then have the student capable of running fairly natural game very effectively, there is still some difficulty in internalizing the lessons. It’s easy enough to understand the models and how things should progress. However, it’s hard to go out in field and actually properly implement what you’ve learned. They have the what you should do down very well, I would like to see some advances in helping students go out and execute properly in the curriculum.


That’s a broad look at Game 3.0. Specific advantages include feeling more comfortable using game in almost any situation, having a better understanding of what women are really thinking and what they are really willing to do, being many times more likely to get laid or at least get a make out on any given night, and having a far more pronounced feeling that you are attractive to women and that it’s not just the routines you are using. Game 3.0 also changes the way you approach many things in your life in general, as well as long term changes in your approach to women. The fact is, if you’ve gotten a girl through a series of routines there will come a point when the routines run out and she’ll be faced with you as you really are, and in some cases that might not help form long term relationships. With the Game 3.0 curriculum, there is a strong focus on using masculinity and a naturally attractive energy with women. This changes how you interact with women and keeps you attractive long into a relationship. Some of the other guys on Project Rockstar 2012 have also seen significant changes in how they deal with many things in their life. It has dramatically impacted some of the other Rockstar’s viewpoints and approach to things already, and we’re only getting started.


The primary models themselves revolve around the concept of balancing passion/comfort, fun and sexualization throughout the interaction. Starting small and usually with fun, Venture and Sterling created a model that involves oscillating back and forth between fun and passion/comfort. Sexualization is gradually ramped up as this process goes on, but it is used far faster and more aggressively than was common in previous styles of game. You navigate your way through the interaction by ‘feeling’ how much passion, fun, and sexualization is needed, which creates a roadmap and style that can be used in nearly any situation. At the same time, push-pull gets ramped up and the result is an interaction that can proceed all the way to sex in one night or even in 20 minutes with very attractive women. The possibilities are quite surprising to anyone that hasn’t seen it before. At the same time, it is definitely okay to get a phone number and start dating a woman met in this fashion – it doesn’t have to be just used to get laid.


The biggest advances in Game 3.0 probably involve the use of physical escalation to CREATE attraction. Venture doesn’t create attraction through a series of funny lines and routines. He throws out a couple of these, and builds attraction using a dominant presence and body language. This flips the normal order of buying escalation with built up attraction on its head. Eye contact and proximity are the most important and most used components of the Game 3.0 physical escalation, and are a very significant proportion of the attraction created. Some of the physical escalation, such as the “dominant thrust,” can be quite surprising – but if used properly these techniques can turn a girl into jelly in your arms.


The verbals of Game 3.0 focus on direct opening with some funny lines/transitions to make sure the interaction starts in fun. Then teasing is used to offset the body language pull with verbal push and create an interaction that is fun and has sexual tension. Comfort comes generally in short ‘comfort injections’ which are like very condensed and somewhat abstracted DHV stories that generally concern your passions in life and/or traits that you find important to you. These passion pieces are usually taken from your life story/path or what you are doing with your life now, but are abstracted so the girl can imagine herself in the story you are telling and associate with it. Powerful values that most women associate with or are attracted to, like valuing relationships or being motivated in life, are the centerpieces of these passion pieces. Using these comfort injections allows a connection to be built and value to be demonstrated without cutting sexual tension or winding up in a boring, ‘normal’ conversation to nowhere. The same principles can also be used to qualify the woman, so that she feels the escalation that is occurring is worthwhile and doesn’t make her a slut.


The downsides of Game 3.0 are that it takes a longer period of time to learn and a lot of balls. The 10 day bootcamp and Project Rockstar are structured to address these by providing more time for the instructors to convey information and interact with students and also providing a situation where the instructors can push students out of their comfort zones. Becoming good at Game 3.0 requires testing and pushing beyond a number of boundaries, and it is a serious exercise in being outside your comfort zone. In order to learn Game 3.0, you have to really want success with women and be willing to take an honest look at yourself and push yourself in a number of areas towards success. Even more than 3 weeks into Project Rockstar, I still find that I need to stop my brain from making sneaky excuses that prevent me from pushing hard enough to continue improving quickly. It’s easy to let your brain tell you “She’s not that hot so I didn’t want to talk to her anyway” or “It was going well and then ______ happened which is why I stopped pushing and explains why I didn’t get her.” But these are subconscious ways out of sticking in sets, pushing until things get weird and then beyond, and generally exploring boundaries and moving your comfort zone. If you really want to tackle being good with women, this is what you want. Be ready to dedicate and push yourself.


Overall Venture and Sterling and their Game 3.0 curriculum have really expanded and pushed my conceptions, what I thought was possible, and what I can do. I’m still new to the material, so I wish I could say this from a perspective of what this knowledge does a year down the road, but even this early on it’s been eye opening. And I had taken time to learn a ton of information from a large number of the original game gurus – so teaching something that still pushed what I knew this far is pretty incredible. My game has already come along pretty far, I just can’t wait to see where it will be in a few more weeks time! If really mastering success with women, making it a normal part of your life, and making it something that you can comfortably do around your friends and in regular circles is something you are interested, you should absolutely seek out Game 3.0. Likewise if you’re looking for a challenge and really want to put your mind to something and change your views of what’s possible. Venture and Sterling and the other instructors they bring in for Rockstar and the 10 day bootcamp are incredible, and it’s really a great opportunity to be able to learn what they have to say.



Sterling is one of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Venture I learn a lot from watching him in set. Really strong sub-coms. I feel like they have taken all the best bits of game and synthesized it down into an easier more manageable and learn able formula. They have gotten rid of some of the old shit that didn’t work too well and kept only the gold plus added in new shit that works even better. Its all about behaving like a real man and this sparks way more attraction from women than any routine ever can. When you show up as a man the girl can behave like a women, Its fucking magic when this happens, I have only experienced it since learning game 3.0.


Since learning game 3.0 I feel like girls re actions have changed towards me fundamentally. Girls have been thanking me for behaving like a man. Not hiding my intentions, telling them what I want and not beating around the bush. Also for taking the lead and being decisive. I have learnt some things about women and how to create attraction that have totally rocked my world and I never knew were possible. I feel like it has opened up a whole new world to me and the possibilities are endless now.


Since learning game and especially game 3.0 it has helped me to overcome a lot of negative beliefs about women and what it means to be a man, also that it is normal and totally natural to be a sexual guy and there is nothing in the world wrong with it, even though many people will try to tell you there is! Cant recommend Game 3.0 enough, its man game not cheesy gimmicks and routines. Fix the cause of the problem not the effect because you cant get away with using routines all the time, Become a real man and you wont need to memorize 1000s of routines, plus you can be yourself and not be fake.

       James T


Game 3.0 is the curriculum taught on the 10-day Bootcamp and Project Rockstar. I have taken a bootcamp in the past and it opened my eyes up to what is possible. I thought it was amazing, having everything broken down to learn how an interaction should go

Venture and Sterling have taken the best bits from all the different bootcamps around the world and rehashed, reshaped and revolutionized. They both had their own ideas of what great game looked like and created a number of models and techniques to make, what is now known as, Game 3.0. It has seriously been taken to the next level and my personal success has been rapid. Very quickly.


The breakdown of the knowledge is intense. The whole interaction is based on a model oscillating between 3 basic components. Fun, Passion and Sexualisation. Game 3.0 is about bringing raw masculinity to the surface and realizing that its normal to be that way. And that any sexual intentions should not be hidden.


 Some of the things that stood out most to me were, storytelling through a few different filters to create raw masculine passion, and to relate to the girl on a very personal level. To a certain degree it is about making them fill in the gaps and see a life lesson within their own lives. The storytelling model is so useful for life outside of game too, in business or even just talking with family.


Another big thing that stood out for me was using your touching escalation to create attraction very quickly. Venture is the master at doing this.
Sterling and Venture taught this with a lot of passion. It was very interactive and we got to spend some good time practicing touching. Everything taught was seriously eye opening and have no doubt that once I internalize everything taught then my dating life will be taken care of 100%.

       John M Aus


Game 3.0 spearheaded by Venture and Sterling has had an incredible impact on my life. Before I was introduced to this I was often using routines and opinion openers and it felt kind of strange to me. I know it works for some people but for me it didn’t quite jive. It was nice in the sense that I knew what to say but it didn’t feel natural and in a strange way it made me feel less of a man. One thing that is always taught in game is that its important to come up with your own lines, routines…etc. Game 3.0 teaches you how to tease, how to inject passion and how to have fun with the interaction in order that you can be more natural instead of using canned lines.


This style of game is predicated on what it means to be a man. It’s being able to let your raw masculinity shine through and letting women know that you want them but don’t need them. One of the key components of Game 3.0 is the focus on physical escalation and sexualization. This was a key component missing from my game previously. It’s amazing how fast you can ramp things up sexually just by using touch and using your physical presence. Before hand I had a hard time creating a genuine connection with women but this style of game hooks hard. I’ve seen on numerous occasions people pull girls within 5-10 minutes because they hooked a girl hard and were straightfoward and unapologetic about their intentions.


I would highly recommend everyone to learn about Game 3.0 because it’s revolutionized game. It’s been making a real splash in the pick up world — simply put, it’s awesome, easier to learn, feels natural, and makes so much sense.

       Aryeh J


Ive taken ALL of the LS live programs but game 3.0 is different. It’s real. Its reverse engineered successful interactions with women at a macro level. It also has the successful elements from traditional LS models which makes it a hit.


When you look at it holistically there are no lines are routines and it truly is a framework you can use to build your interactions on top of. Three pillars being… 1. Fun – How to tease organically, advanced attraction building techniques… 2. Passion/Warmth/Masculinity – Conveying your identity through passion story telling techniques, Redefining your masculinity, inner game etc. 3. Sexualization – Physical escalation, SNL’s etc.


These have helped my game tremendously … I don’t struggle conveying my identity … I just use the models taught to me or use some “comfort Injections” as coined by Venture. Building a bubble between you and the girl — this has been a game changer for me … if you think back at all the awesome sets you’ve had in the club or the daytime or wherever …. There was always a bubble between you and the girl …. it feels like its just you and her… anything could be going around you guys but the girl and yourself are so involved that it doesn’t matter….. Game 3.0 teaches you how to do this. It’s been an awesome experience for me and it surely is a curriculum that will change anyone’s game. We’ve seen the Leads Venture, Sterling, Vici crush it in their own sets..and as we incorporate it in our own game and make it our own, so are we as rockstars.



Game 3.0 is the model of game devised by Venture and Sterling that in my opinion will revolutionise the way pickup material is taught and viewed in the mainstream media. I discovered Game 3.0 after taking the first ever 10 day bootcamp last year. During these 10 days and proceeding them, I developed a passion and trust for the principles Game 3.0 taught and knew that with this years Rockstar program being headed up once again by Venture and Sterling, I had to apply.


Prior to this I discovered game 3 years ago and took a bootcamp with Sheriff. I learnt a lot in this bootcamp but there was something missing. The linear process taught in Magic Bullets and in traditional bootcamps works to an extent, but it does not encapsulate the essence of what it means to be a man in the way that Game 3.0 does. It’s easy to get bogged down in the lines, the stages of the model, kino, escalation, comfort and all that other noise. Whilst it’s great to label these things and have a method you can believe in to overcome your fears, these things will only get you so far if you carry that textbook mindset in to your interaction with women. Game 3.0 transcends traditional game and focuses on the emotions you create in an interaction with a woman, within yourself and within her.


After discovering Game 3.0 last year it has become more of a lifestyle for me than a specific guideline for how to pickup women. As the previous reviews have mentioned Game 3.0 focusses heavily on abstract concepts revolving around masculinity, warmth, sexualisation and fun. The model that Venture and Sterling have devised is seemingly a backward engineered analysis of how ‘naturals’ act around women and in their lives in general. From dominating physically, to leading logistically, creating boundaries and acting on your intentions, there is a certain truth about Game 3.0 that is empowering if you have spent a good deal of your adult life with a repressed sense of masculinity. This empowerment enables you to feel like a man and allows the woman to feel like a woman. A lot of traditional pickup methods have what I would call a ‘feminine’ energy; opinion openers and routines for example. Game 3.0 is predicated entirely on emitting a glowing masculine energy that allows a woman to feel her full sense of femininity in your presence. These polarised energies create what could be described as a ‘bubble’ between the two of you. When you experience that bubble feeling for the first time it gives you a whole new perspective on what is possible.


Game 3.0 is a direct style of game with a heavy focus on sub-communications. Through learning how to use proximity, touch and eye contact early in an interaction I’ve been able to see how a lot of my limiting beliefs have held me back over the years with women. In this sense actively practicing Game 3.0 will rapidly accelerate you inner game growth as you are forced to challenge your sub conscious by going against the grain of whatever inner game issues you have. For me this meant going sexual immediately and being dominant physically. Through the lense of Game 3.0 I can see how my inner game aligns with my actions in set and how the two are inherently related.


This depth of understanding is not reached with previous models of game. This is one of the greatest strengths of Game 3.0. It allows for such a rapid growth in inner game that everything in your life will feed from that feeling of becoming a stronger, happier and more congruent man. When I went out and practiced three years ago, I made progress in my results but I did not feel much better internally. I felt like I was a different person at night when I went out to practice game using opinion openers, dhv stories and routines. With Game 3.0 I feel a sense of congruence with what is taught and the man I want to be. This makes going out and meeting new women a part of my lifestyle and a part of who I am. A man who goes after what he wants in all aspects of wealth, health and relationships.

      Henry R


Game 3.0 saved my life!


A few months ago I saw my life very differently then I see it today. 
 My game plan was to continue working in my field which I absolutely despise for the next 30 years and then hopefully retire. I was so close to this reality and was on the verge of watching years go by in the blink of an eye.


That was before I found this program!


Now I feel as though my entire world has opened up and I can do anything!
I’m 30 years old and feel as though I am now able to finally start living my life.
When I was accepted into the program I literally felt as though I had won the lottery! And in many ways I had.


Venture, Sterling, Vici and all of the other coaches that put they’re heart and soul into this program have created something unlike anything else on the face of the planet!


I came here very much a broken man. My self confidence and social calibration was so awful that I used to get nervous and start sweating by simply standing in line at the bank. After only a month of being here I now have this fire burning inside of me that drives me to be the man I was always supposed to be.
I have successfully pulled a stripper and just this morning was able to number close a very gorgeous married woman which was my first set of the day.


Game 3.0 is for real! I am so amazed at what this program has done for me, I’m not sure if I can correctly articulate it into words. 
 This is quite literally the most amazing opportunity on the face of the planet and I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to be a part of it. I feel as though there is no way I could ever repay these guys for what they have done for me. Not that they would ever want me too.


I’ve had a great opportunity to get to know the Venture, Sterling and Vici on this journey and I have nothing but massive amounts of love and respect for all three of them.  Game 3.0 Isn’t about making money or some kind of gimmick to promote some new product. It is about changing peoples lives and making a difference in this world. 


Not only are the instructors some of the most intelligent and successful people on the face of the planet, they are also the kindest and most caring people I have ever met. The size of the hearts on these guy’s is something I really didn’t expect.


If you ever have the chance to be a part of the magical experience you must take it.


My life will never be the same!
Love you guys!

      A Dogg


Although the original linear model of opening, transition, attraction etc. was great and got men laid…a lot, Venture and Sterling’s new model is a distinct improvement. It really distils, synthesizes and captures to a far greater extent a natural’s game. Generally conversation with a girl is not some discrete process but a fluid one where you have some fun conversations and teases, talk about some of your passions and then go back to some teases.


Additionally, the sexualization component in the new model is a vast improvement over the traditional model where seduction comes at the end. Here you don’t wait until the very end to get sexual with a girl but it is something that can happen from the very beginning, light at first of course but it is still introduced and built upon as the conversation progresses. These are just a few of the examples of the new model is far superior when it comes to building great conversation over what came before.


However, more important that just a better model that more accurately captures the ebb and flow of conversation is the basis of the model. Its premise is based on being real with girls, revealing who you are as man while understanding who she is as a woman, on not hiding your intentions and being genuine, on living a life of passion and becoming a genuinely interesting person.


Yes it will help you get laid which is important. In fact it will help you get laid much quicker than what you will learn in magic bullets or earlier versions of game. Ever since I have been using Game 3.0 I have had more SNLs and even when I couldn’t pull my day 2’s were just starting at a place that was much further along from a sexual perspective. There is nothing quite like hearing a girl say she loves how honest you are right after you got done telling her how much you want to fuck the shit out of her. But more importantly then getting laid more Game 3.0 will help you become a better man.

      Charles J


Rewind to one month ago – I had a huge smile on my face sitting through the first day of the Game 3.0 seminar with Venture and Sterling. As they walked us through the overview of the model, I could already tell this program was exactly what I needed to mold my game into something worthy of attracting solid 9s and 10s into my life. I had previously taken a bootcamp, read Magic Bullets, memorized routines, studied Beyond Words, etc… I thought my game was good and was having consistent success, but I always felt some barrier was still preventing me from getting through to the high caliber women I really desire. I knew I had a lot of the tools, but it was too complicated to put all these different pieces together into something that worked consistently. Fortunately, Venture and Sterling are amazing teachers, and they quickly mapped out the process we should be focused on in a way that is so easy to understand. It’s like they took all this unorganized game I had pieced together in my head over the years and put the puzzle together into something I could easily reference and follow from here on out. By using fun as a reference point to demonstrate your passions and masculinity, Game 3.0 focuses on the most natural way possible to attract and qualify women, and move things forward sexually at the same time. If there’s one word to describe Game 3.0 it’s REAL. This is by far the thing I love most about it. It’s a no bullshit way of demonstrating your masculinity to women and fully expressing your intentions to sleep with them and make something out of every interaction you find yourself in. I’ve never seen or heard of a more comprehensive program that teaches you the framework of solid game and all the tools necessary to build yourself into a full blown natural capable of getting the hottest girls. After learning and practicing Game 3.0 for the past month, I’ve realized how to fit everything together in an organic way to build what my game was previously into something seriously great. The simple model also allows me to constantly evaluate where I stand and what my biggest shortfalls and sticking points are in common interactions. In closing I can definitely say that practicing what Venture and Sterling have taught me has already given me enough reference experience to know I will be successful and comfortable with the hottest girls.

      Chris M


Don’t let the lame 3.0 name fool you, this shit’s legit!
Venture and Sterling have seriously helped advance the teaching and understanding levels of almost all LS theory to new heights!


Since you can read all the amazing results and etc. from the many others reviewing here and on the 10-day BC reviews, I’m gonna try to be brief with what stuck out to me (an AC who has helped on many programs – so I know what I’m talking about, or at least I think I do ha).


A very brief rundown of what’s a part of Game 3.0 (there’s plently, plently more btw – that’s why it takes 10 days minimum to teach – definitely check out the 10 day BC if you can, it’s WELL worth it! And is also essentially the ‘game’ portion of the curriculum being taught to the students on project rockstar!)


• Emphasis on life-long change and being a very genuine, natural and real MAN! They help you elicit your raw masculine traits and presence in a real way, not just some macho – or on the other side of the coin – new age crap. It’s on leading, taking charge/control and being absolutely unashamed of who you are, your intentions, your sexuality and to go after what you want! (This is so important and helps not just with game, but every other part of your life!! – I mean isn’t this essentially why you’re reading/doing this stuff – you want the control and freedom of doing and getting what you really, truly want right? Whether with girls and/or everything else!)


• Emphasis on bringing the real human aspect to all of this. On really connecting with people – as people, ‘seeing the girl for the girl’ and building the ‘bubble around you both’ (or three…as I’ve noticed and understood more so lately).


• Heavy focus on inner game, mindsets and how to practically implement them!!! You should know how key this is to EVERYTHING not just game!!! (btw also check out Braddock and Mr M’s inner game seminar! I haven’t yet and if you do, I’ll be very jealous, yet there’s a ton of free stuff they’ve put out on it which has helped me and everyone I know who’s come across it tremendously). In this instance, this segment was taught by Vici and Starlight, who absolute killed it and brought new things to the table that were, for lack of a better analogy, mind-opening.


• Use of comprehensive, yet such simple models, that tie everything together into an overarching, adaptable, fluid and really a more realistic pattern for interactions, so that you can see when/how everything interacts and plays out on a larger scale. (So money!! And not the usual triad/EPM model or things you see in Magic Bullets. Side note – one of the common issues you see with guys reading Magic Bullets before coming into a BC is that they have become too ridged/linear in their thought process of how interactions go, especially with the EPM, and even sometimes have no idea to progress physically/touching). The main model is a dynamic oscillating, push/pull type of pattern that runs between sexualisation, fun and warmth/passion (with the thresholds and so degrees of each end getting larger with time, which is sped up as the better you get at this). Such an awesome and much more realistic way of looking at interactions as a whole!!!


• Lots of exercises used and they are money! The interactiveness (new word ha!) throughout the whole teaching (in seminar, not just infield) really help you develop and apply what’s being taught, to form an attractive base of what works for you with your own personality, history and sense of humour (it caters to different styles of game).


• Sub-communications, body language, voice tone and the use of your body are really broken down, demonstrated and given the higher emphasis it deserves (remember the clichés ‘it’s not so much what you say, but how you say it’ and how ‘actions speak louder than words’!!!) Can’t emphasize this enough – so key to my own game and that all the great guys know and more importantly use!! You can never get the real understanding of this from a book btw (but you already knew that, right…) the demonstrations, examples and exercises given are also so boss!! Also remember to not get into the mindset of ‘needing attraction first in order to physically escalate’, but rather that physical escalation also BUILDS attraction!!! (Finally this is being taught explicitly/officially!! Soo key to my own game! – Obviously, pinging and being able to socially calibrate is the key with this!) The ‘intensity triangle’ also fits into this and is really simple, yet so important and a clever piece to help the understanding of managing sexual tension.


• Sexualising and Sexual Tension – Mindsets, how/when to create it, build it, release it, and be comfortable if not enjoy it – essentially, how to play with it and use it in your favour. This is really the ‘spice’ of all interactions, especially SNLs. This is covered so extensively both verbally and physically. (Side note – for most former students who are intermediate and aren’t getting the quick results they want, it usually comes down to them not sexualising the interaction quick enough – check the SNL seminar, if you can’t get into the 10 day BC).


• Learn how to and actually build your own genuine and personal ‘rocky’/passion stories. Which are flexible enough to relate with almost everyone, on many different topics, and adaptable enough to use in different time scales (quick-long, hitting the ‘filters’ or points you want to hit).


• The 2 parts of qualification. How it runs throughout the whole interaction! How to do it and the whole spectrum of what you need for SNLs to making her your gf, and even in love with you (not to be used lightly! ‘With great power comes great responsibility’ – for even more on this check out Future’s Breakthrough comfort btw). Also how to get compliance/investment and genuinely ‘reward’/appreciate it both verbally and physically (Again, finally this is being taught!! So key! Fuck the ‘bait, hook, reel, release’ shit…well it has its place but I almost never do that). Btw qualification is something I and most intermediate to advanced people need to work on!


• Daygame! Although Daygame and Nightgame have a lot of cross over, there’s also a lot different facets to Daygame that the DG specific workshops help cover much more extensively. (Btw daygame is the shit! – You should be doing this already!)


• And plently, plenty more…but this is just what I remember standing out to me, off the top of my head.


Now I know I might be sounding a little like a kiss-arse in this review, but seriously, I’ve helped out on many LS programs and can easily recommend Game 3.0 from Venture and Sterling. They both have really done amazing things with this and have really pushed the boundaries of understanding game further, and I would never say this lightly! Also they complement each other’s teaching style really well (also Vici, Intrigue, Zac the Ripper, Starlight and of course Future do an awesome job teaching as well!). I personally learnt a lot of new things from Game 3.0 and have developed even deeper understandings of what I already know and/or do, and will do in the future! Now, it’s not all necessarily ‘new stuff’ but rather a super awesome synthesis of the best things LS teaches, being taught and delivered from a new angle (paradigm even?), in a much more potent way. This helps to produce an even steeper learning/implementing curve for students (as proved by the 10 day BC students, and the rockstar students in their first week)!


Now as an AC and potential instructor myself, I’m really glad and excited that this is the direction the company is leaning towards. And as with all LS programs, it’s really comprehensive, understandable and heavily focused on getting results and equipping people with the right tools to help themselves, even years after the program (write EXTENISIVE NOTES! Even on the exercises you do in seminar).


Sooo since I’ve been writing for WAY too long, my Game 3.0 message to you is…yes you guessed it, take a 10 day BC! (whether or not you’ve taken a BC before or not). Or at least attend the SNL seminar (which is also included in the 10 day BC. Btw it’s not simply rehashed BC material, so I think you should take a normal BC beforehand, otherwise you’ll miss out/won’t be able to really grasp and implement the more specific SNL and advanced topics covered). You can thank me later!


Hope that helps you decide if you’re on the fence for Game 3.0!